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mackie protocol


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I'm planning a future project and I've been searching posts and a few questions are still unresolved (in my head):

Is the Mackie mode of midibox LC like

a) Mackie HUI?

b) Mackie Control?

c) Mackie Control universal?

I am trying to understand the capabilities of the protocol and its implementation in MB LC. Does the Mackie protocol exist in documentation?

Are there any implications of making a double/triple version of MBLC (16 or 24 MF's) for use with Mackie mode?

The Mackie control has a 9th Fader, so is there a way of dealing with this (say encoder?)

I hope this isn't covering 'old ground' too much..

Anyhow, thanks for any comments.


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Hey Duggle

My answers are based on reading old posts, so...  ;)

I think it's the protocol of "Logic Control". I don't know, where to get the protocol dokumentation from other than the User manual... which doesn't contain every detail about the protocol.

There is a lot of information in the forum archive about double and triple versions of MBLC.

The 9th Fader is the master fader. You can just take another Core MB64 and assign it directly to the master in your host application... or take an encoder.

Hope my information is correct and helping.

Greets, Roger

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Info on the tascam site indicates that the FW-1884 has both Mackie HUI and Mackie control modes, giving it Steinberg (amongst others) compatability. The protocol document is the FW-1884 native mode protocol. Unfortunately Cubase does not have native mode support for this console, otherwise it would be worth thinking about implementing a "FW-1884 clone" as it seems to be a fully featured unit.


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I to am interested in getting my hands on the documentation for the Mackie Logic/Universal control protocol. As far as I understand it was avalible on the net, but I've never managed to find it.

Anyone out there have a PDF of it. It must have existed if TK managed to implement the MBLC.



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