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Motorized drawbar organ controller?


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Would I need a whole separate core just for the one extra controller?

...I think you have to ... and not only a second core : You also need another MF Module. Perhaps you can find something else to control with the other 7 Motorfaders ? (the volume, sound, balance, the kitchen window , and so on ...) ;D

Maybe TK knows a better solution.



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Perhaps you can find something else to control with the other 7 Motorfaders?

I suppose... using Native Instruments B4 as a reference, I'd use the remaining motorfaders to control Amp Drive, Amp Volume, Perc Volume, Perc Decay, Vibrato Mix, Vibrato Depth and Keyclick Amount. It would be overkill to have motorized faders for those functions, but why not?

However, I just realized that with 9 drawbars for the upper manual, another 9 for the lower and 6 for the pedals you end up with... 3x8! Now I just gotta find out if the B4 sends out drawbar data when you change patches, otherwise motorfaders would be completely useless in this project.

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