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MIDIbox 64 Project started!


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i'm working for a Traktor Dj Studio style midibox controller.

i've just finished drilling and cutting an old 1 rack unit of an ethernet switch, the boards was mounted about 1 year ago but now is time to make this working.

but i have a question, how i can make the serigraph (i don't know if it's the correct terminology but I'm thinking about writing on the panel).

for estetic question of my consolle i have to paint the unit in black, with the writings in white.

anyone have done this before me?

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Most black with white letters (synth) frontpanels i've seen have been painted black and then silkscreened. However, you do have to make a silkscreen with the text; which is very time consuming and maybe not worth the effort if you are only making one panel.

One other method i've used is making the design on computer, make a good laserprint of it and then glue it to your frontpanel (or take sticker-paper) after putting it on you must use a varnish; buy in art stores--> must be "hard" varnish. The down side is that it's very possible to get a slightly "bubbely"surface, the paper get's a bit moist and than it isn't perfectly smooth anymore (but still quite ok). When dry, cut out the holes with a good sharp knife/scalpel.

Third one is using lazertran decal paper; for a good explanation+other techniques check;


good luck, marcel

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