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Midi "hardware design" newbie question..


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Hi there,

I'm new here.

I really want to make myself a midi switcher for my guitar rack.. And a foot controller..

Can somebody tell me something about this? And help me?

EDIT: i have made a remote loop system, this system i can use in the rack part of the system.. So what i need is a midi foot controller and a midi reciever in the rack which controls the cmos circuit..



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This is not a Midibox subject.

Ask all these questions from Tom. (the guy selling those (non Midibox) boards)

In the MIDIbox context (and maybe further help in this forum), try this: (and maybe http://www.ucapps.de/floorboard.html)

Bye, Moebius

p.s.  RA0/AN outputs do nothing - "SW's" are used to send midi program send messages. And the programming of the chip - you have to order one from Tom Scarff.. this has nothing to do with midibox.

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I am looking into building a MIDI switcher for my guitar rack as well.  Check this guys site:  http://www.jimkim.de/html/guitar01_01.htm

He is very helpful, too, if you ask him questions.  I'll let you know if I get anywhere with mine.  I'm about to move, so it'll be a month or two before I am able to begin, but I need one for my rig as well.  As far as I can tell, it would only cost about $50 us to build one.  He provides the software.  I'm also considering building a footcontroller based on the MIDIbox concept.  :) 


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