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  1. The official eBay thread!

    The time has come to make some changes in the forum. From now on ANY findings from eBay or talk surrounding online auctions should be directed here. Just take in the consideration that most items offered in eBay are one off or limited supply and auctions expire - the information is valid for a limited time only. Moebius
  2. Encoder specifications

    I'm hoping this is going to be a sticky topic ;) I'll edit this post or delete it, if it's not needed anymore - all this information is gathered from the forum, and shamelessly copied here - You're welcome to present it in a better form Bourns PEC11-series detented encoders (From SmashTV) Encoder mode: "DETENTED2" Pinout: ( Note: the rightmost picture is "top down" (as seen from the top of the encoder looking down to the shaft) pin "A" goes to D1 pin "C" goes to Vs pin "B" goes to D0 (This means that, encoder C pin is "common". Encoder B pin goes to lower numbered DIN pin (of two pins assigned to that encoder) and encoder A pin to higher numbered DIN pin.) the detent can be removed ----- Thanks go to: mandingo: jdutcher: xcoulonx: Now - does anyone want to reveal the specs of the encoders from VOTI? What about different ALPS types? contributions more than welcome ;) /edit corrected link for moved page
  3. vX

    Nice to see there´s some "proof of the concept" code! Keep up the nice hype, Stryd!! Moebius
  4. Juno 60 MIDIfication

    Uh, I just searched the subject in this very forum. Found some info. No schematics, thought. Moebius
  5. The Voporware thread!

    This is where You tell who did and what didn´t happen. TK just DID IT - Get it?
  6. Hi ya! Sorry for me bad enklish. Solder taps are the spots to solder on.. Usually round and with hole in the center :D I´m sorry, I´ve made a board with previous layout and the legs for the rectifier needed bigger drill. There wasn´t much space to solder there. Cap Ys are for life.. Plain and Simple; "How Do You Do" :D I hope You´ll get the Braid.. :D Moebius p.s. You are doing fine!
  7. The Voporware thread!

    vX. It´s been referred to. Many times. No code seen. It might even be ready.  Sometime. Hi. He. I´m so sick. I have some much work. I have a flue. He he hee! Well, vaporware it is.
  8. The Voporware thread!

    Monome clones. If Monome was lame, Midiboxers clonin´it was probably even more lame? "Hey, Midibox Lemur - Just if I pay ya?" Moebius
  9. magnetic sheidling for sl1200's

    Why should You get any cover for SL1200´s? No laptop hurts those. Moebius
  10. Moving to LINUX

    Well, I´d rather try Dynebolic. As always, they offered a Live-CD, but I didn´t find Live anywhere. It´s like Midibox. You can´t find vx even if You wanted to. Only references. Moebius
  11. Welcome! If You don´t have a desoldering pump - I´d rather say, get a solder wick (braid) instead. The work You have done is excellent, don´t let people destroy what You´re doing. Didn´t Your board have a proper solder tap? Moewbius
  12. New AOUT module design?

    I don´t know. 4 x SOIC OpAmps don´t cost that much space. Moebius
  13. Hi, "With digital control, to address the drift" - It´s a nice definition! Moebius p.s. TK, please save me - what is the update frequency of the current S&H code?
  14. Hi, There are no "static signals" - S&H is constantly updated with current voltage in the DAC output. NJU7304 was pretty good at droop rate of 1mV/5ms. Of course "low leakege" is needed, but I can´t see reason to use OTA (with hold cap and buffer OpAmp) as analog switches already have MegaOhm off state, so it´s more up to the cap and switching rate to hold the voltage. Moebius
  15. Hi, Using OTAs isn´t an elegant or Cost Effective solution. It´s too bad those NJDs are obsolete. (other available S&H chips I´ve found really aren´t up to the job) I still think using 4051 multiplexers with a hold cap and buffering OpAmps would be easiest way to go. It´s a cheap solution, but uses pretty much board space. Moebius
  16. LCD emulator??

    I just tried: perl vx and it doesn´t exist! I feel stupid, I´ve used perl before.. even perl didn´t work! Is it the path problem? Moebius
  17. Speed Param for Encoders

    All the encoders I´ve seen are PCB mount. Moebius p.s. You can use wires and attach the encoder to the frontpanel
  18. New AOUT module design?

    Hi all, cheater I think the INL error we are concerned about is a static (known) scale error between MIN-MAX values of the dac. (In other words, cheater you are fighting against wrong problem here.) Moebius
  19. LCD emulator??

    Yes we do, but at least I´m too tired to "search the forum" for the answer ;D Moebius
  20. PG200??

    Actually You want a PG800 workalike ;D PG300 is for alphaJunos and MKS-50. Moebius
  21. PG200??

    Hi, Check this out: Moebius
  22. Mios upload problem

    Hi. Core is from Mikes Midibox shop... One suggestion: Try disconnecting middle (ground) pin from the core MIDI Out port (J12). Moebius
  23. Buttons with lcds built in!

    Hi, You can look the datasheet. Each of the buttons needs a clock and a serial data line. The minimum clock frequency is 50kHz.. To support many buttons it´s pretty resource hungry bit banging effort. Moebius
  24. ;D I just hope You end up broking few voices and Alesis service center thinks it´s ok to send You few spares... :P Moebius
  25. Hi, Links copied from the Anal(ogue)heaven mailinglist, (guess who´s banned): Thanks to Stefan Trippler. --- Alesis Andromeda, close ups, please. It has Alesis custom Asic analogue chips. Moebius