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Buttons sending different CC values


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I connected my MB64 to my PC to evaluate buttons behaviour. I mapped a button to the EQ in Ableton Live to change the filter type. In the CC list of Ableton integrated effects LP is from 0 to ca. 43 HP from 44 to 86 and BP from 87 to 127 (I don't remember the exact values). Is there a way to configure the buttons to send on each press a CC value (1st time 0 2nd time 47 3rd time 127)?

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so like a 'scroll thru' button, that loops a value instead of just one static one? awesome idea.

this might be resolved quicker in the MIOS programming forum, but i'm also eager to know the answer.


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Hi all !!

I  think that would be a very awsome to have such a feature in the MIOS !!

Moreover, I have the same sort of "issue" and, I'm thinking how I could have one button sending a fix value for a given encoder.

For example :

I have 4 buttons for switching between 4 waveforms of a LFO.

I could I program this :

- button 1 send CC50 (for example) with a value of 0

- button 2 send CC50 (for example) with a value of 30

- button 3 send CC50 (for example) with a value of 60

- button 4 send CC50 (for example) with a value of 127

Thanks a lot for your help guys !!!

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Beat ya to it ;D  (the request, that is)  ------>OOPS! (...just saw the date this was posted)


(edit#2)-- Just re-checked my post in assembler. Looks like the math was a bit funky ;) I guess it would be something more like "start at zero and add 127/(the divisor setting-1), then flip back after 127.

I've already laid out my box design for that, but am not looking forward to the programming involved. I'm now working on a batch of 32 button, 32 LED, 16 fader boards, so I can start learning some MIOS at home and stop neglecting all my studio work. I also want to step through the "current pot" parameter with a button, but I think the output value steps would be the most useful, especially for multi-selection, non-continuous type parameters, like EQ filter types.

If anyone has the time and knowhow, there's at least three of us now :)

                                             Take Care,


PS (Thorsten and all)- Whatever happened to the guy that was implementing shift key modifiers for the buttons? He sounded like he knew what he was doing. I wonder if it worked. I thought that would be cool too for maybe using the same batch of buttons for solo/mute/select, like on some of the commercial stuff.

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