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it's seem that some define are missing...i understand strickly nothing to C...

where i have to put the needed define? in which file?

or here is a way to convert back to assembler the C files? i think i will ghet more chance to success by this way...

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When you are starting the "make" file from the command shell, you will see the errors on screen.

In addition, they can be found within the listings, which are located in the _output directory

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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hi moxi,

the errors should come along with the line and the file

(eg: "undefined symbol _SOMETHING in 'main.c':144")

I often have to look up error codes by myself, if you don't have no reference, just paste the relevant query with quotes to google and in 99% of all cases you get a clue of what's missing instaneously...

defines are just exchangement for the compiler,

eg you could define:

[tt]#define TRUE 1

#define FALSE 0[/tt]

...and then use the words [tt]TRUE[/tt] and [tt]FALSE[/tt] instead of the numbers 1 and 0...



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  • 1 month later...

I've made a first attempt to integrate aout_lc

this version supports only one aout_lc module in 12 bit mode

but it shouldn't be to difficult to add more channels or to use the module in 2x8 mode...

I don't have acces to my hardware so the code I can't test the code..

*edit: I have removed the link to my code because moxi's version was better then my own solution

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  • 1 year later...

Did anyone else continue to develop this?  I'd be very interested in making a synth module just for the purpose of having a "MIDI-sync'ed 2xLFO, 1xADSR" for my modular synth... Just a Midi in-point, and rotary switches that would sync the LFO rates to fractions of the MIDI clock sync.

Has anyone implemented anything like this?  Is it possible?

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