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Simple midibox question


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I want to build my own midi controller and I am wondering if what i want to order (mike's shop) is correct.

I want to build a midi controller with:

4 non-motorized faders

28 pots

24 buttons

I don't really need an lcd i think. If i can set it up with my PC than that's enough.

What i want to order:

1 CORE_V2 kit  

1 AINX_V2 - Kit    (4 faders + 28 pots = 32 analog inputs)

1 DINX4_V2 - Kit   (24 buttons = 24 digital inputs)

1 PIC18F452

Is this right?

Do i need to modify the MIOS code if i just use 1 AINX and 1 DINX module?



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this is right

you don't modify the MIOS code; customizing has to be done in the MBapplication (MIOS= operating system; application= program you are running on it (for instance MB64))

and customizing mainly consists of choosing the right options for your setup (read about MPLAB IDE, and open/play with the file) these options are most of the time given to you so you only have to choose>>easy, just try it

good luck, marcel

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