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Selected track - host-side or controller-side?


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LC has an option of shifting the tracks by one.

I'm wondering: does the controller actually "know" which track in the host each of the tracks on the controller is set to? Or is that host-side?


... Hostside: Controller sends shift command and host sends new fader-set to the controller. (I think so  ::))

Greets, Roger

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I was recently impressed by finding that Nuendo has similar capabilities, even with my "non-LC" MB64 intentions. It will spit out the current channel and plug settings and parameters via MIDI as you move around within the software, even when using a non-proprietary generic connection.

These are the sort of fantasy systems Digidesign promo literature bragged about when I bought my "first generation" ProTools rig (yes, I'm old as Dick's hat band). Looks like the day has finally come and it made it to me via TK, open source, and no help from Digi.  ;D


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