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Inkwell Live set Oct 5


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You know... TOS, I made that mp3, I know its compressed to 320kbps.  I don't really know why you are giving me a hard time about this.  It's my perogative to host whatever I choose, and I don't consider a 320kbps mp3 as good as a wav, because its just not true.

Can you perhaps stop changing the point of the thread to other topics, this thread is for people to listen to Inkwell's live set, not to comment on other sets I have hosted.  Although I'm glad you took the time to listen and you like it, I am still only looking for comments on the one set. 

I realise there is fine tuning issues with the set, but we decided not to fine tune it and leave it how we played it live.

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Just downloading it for a listen now. 

Sorry I missed your post about your live PA at Shine.  I haven't been in a clubbing mood much the past couple of years, but if I could combine electronic geekery with it, then that would probably give me a good excuse to take $WIFE out dancing for the night.  Make sure to post again the next time you're playing somewhere - I'll try to keep an eye out for it.

And now, just another few minutes and I'll be listening to your set...


I really liked the first 6+ minutes.  Around the 8 minute mark when it gets really percussion-heavy, that's not really my thing.  12~13 minutes I got back into it again.  It may not be album-quality-polished, but that's not really necessary for a live PA.  Bet it sounded really good live.  Nice work!

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good little set, right now i'd be proud to churn something like that out :)

..been too overly focused on making things, tinkering with the small details of making sounds & listening to lots of other peoples stuff.. rather than churning out complete tracks.

on the mp3 matter please note.. the choice between mp3 & wav is definately needed.. many people have less than perfect audio setups.. or are stuck with tinny pc speakers n' bad headphones ;) ..and although someone who is a complete audiophile, would be more than happy to download 350mb. Its something which would instantly put off many people.. who'd just go look at something else instead, rather than wait around (such is the impatient fast paced nature of things these days).

So giving the choice of both, you simply broaden your audience.

Incidentally, im abit of an audio nut & i downloaded the mp3. sounds perfectly fine here :) ..no masking & the subs  rumble along nicely to the percussion & double bass.

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