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japanese midi boxer


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????????????Mixi??"??midi & ??midi"?????????????









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64seq???midibox seqV2??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????









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Where in Japan are you?

I live close to Tokyo. I have some questions for you about where to buy PIC chips.

I love Akihabara, but I do not speak Japanese.



PIC ???????????????????????????????

??Akihabara ???????????????

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thanks sasha,

now my pics posted by TK in there :) .

hi MRE,

sorry,i m not live in close to Tokyo.i m in Kansai.

but i know some shops for you can buy in Akihabara(can`t buy at supermarket:)).

sometime i  bouht parts  by mailorder  in akihabara shop.

akizukidenshi is famous of electlic parts shop in akihabara.

the shop space is very tight,but funny.




(sites all japanese :'( use trancelator...)

every shops master perhaps cant use english(as alientom),

but you just show orderlist to him.maybe you can.


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here is

mb compatible parts list in japan.(only listed find to hardly)

please use if you not easy to find original parts.

original                                      jp


transister bc337???--- ?????? 2sc1815(*pinning not compatible!!!)

optocoupler 6n138    --- ?????? TLP553(or 552)

diode 1N4148  ??    --- ?????? 1s1588 and more

rectifier b80c800?    --- ????????? W08(w06)


*mark frontside

[bc337]          [2sc1815]

  |  |  |              |  |  |

  E  B  C            E  C  B



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