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lovesong for my sids!!


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Hey Thorsten,

 I finally got to listen to one of your songs!!  (I've been so busy building/troubleshooting my LC, I haven't had time to fix up the tangle of patchleads in my room to listen to anything but the radio!!)

 I listened to Lovesong for my sids, and I was amazed by some of the sounds!! and so were people in my music production class (I listened on Dynaudio monitor speakers, in a mixing studio) Wow the bass!! that was so low!! very cool! 8) what speakers did you do the mix on??

 keep tweaking those filters ;D

bye, from Steve

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Hi Steve,

thank you for the feedback! :) The low bass is nothing else than the "P24 Filtered Bass 2" preset of the MIDIbox SID, but in fact you don't hear so much from the original sound, but primarily the subharmonics which are coming from the subbass fx plugin of Logic Audio. It makes the bass so low that it doesn't overlay the other instruments :)

For mixing I'm using the Magnat Vintage speakers of my stereo, however, I'm still trying to improve the mixes, especially the compressors are killing me ;-)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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