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getting closer: LCD installation a success!




It's been a while since I posted, as it's been a while since I've been able to work on the MB6582. I've been waiting for parts to come in (namely the LCDs from China.) In the meantime, I replaced all the SMD capacitors on the logic board of an old, non working Mac Classic II I had bought on ebay for a song. It actually works now! I'm gaining a little confidence. (Look out!)

So, I took all your helpful suggestions to heart. I made a new LCD cable, attached the connector, and tested all the connections. I twisted and tinned the ends of the wires, fluxed the pads on the LCD and added some solder. Once I did all that, soldering all the connections was a breeze.


Then, the moment of truth (er, again) I turned it on. Nothing. Turned it off. I thought it might be a good idea to try switching pins 15 and 16, as I had completely followed Hawkeye's tutorial being that I had the same part that he used (er, but mine was in blue) So, it seems that the pads were labeled correctly on my part, as when I turned it on a second time, and adjusted the contrast, I got this:


What an amazing thrill it was to see THAT! I celebrated in a 12oz fashion afterwards. Seriously, I'm so happy that it worked.

So, I guess I move on... I've already started crimping cables to connect the base PCB to the control board with my new crimping tool. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I'm feelin' like I'm gonna start cookin' with gas here.

...but I don't want to jinx it...



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I can't wait to finish it and fire it up. My M2.5 and M3 screws/nuts just came in the mail, and I should have time to do some more work on it tomorrow.

Since I have the same LEDs as you I should just be able to use the 1K resistors, right? How would one test that w/out soldering?

Since the LCD screen seems to work, I figure it's probably safe to put a SID in... yes? I've done all the other testing.



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