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Update on StereoSID




YES! Finally an update on my StereoSID build - the reason why I started the blog anyway. As many of you know I have an ongoing project - the mb6582 - too, but this stereoSID project I am doing at least 50% becasue of the learning value of it - not electronics, but the rest.

To make a long story short - my late grandpa was working almost all his career as the head of the model workshop (they made all kinds of things mainly cast iron stuff for the industry). When my grandpa retired, another younger guy filled his position, and did so for almost 30 years until he started his own workshop, which his son has now taken over when he retired. OK no short story, but it really is :P.

This guy knows what there is to know about model making.

Today I visited him in his former workshop (now his son's) to ask him bunch of questions on how to turn my wooden model into a neat fiberglass box for the synth.

So I gotta brag a little bit by myself too. This guy was really impressed by the model. couldn't understand that I with no real experience in model making had actually made this model just like that. He said I probably had some of those carpenter genes from my grandpa :P. He told me to do some minor changes to the model - u can't even see the changes if u don't know they are there - to allow the fiberglass to release from the model. The changes was to sand down the edges on both sides of the release-line (where the cast is gonna be split apart when I get that far) about 1 degree - so no real changes. You can feel it when u drag the fingers across the release line, but nothing more.

So what I learnt from the visit:

First of all I need to fix some minor stuff - I sanded a bit too much a couple of places, so I need to fix that.

Then I am to paint it with some kind of laquer - clear coat or something - just something to seal the wood with.

Then - again the short version, there will be pics later on - I gotta wax it with a release wax a couple of times and polish it - much like waxing your car.

Then I'm building a plywood frame around the model to pour half the model - to cast a "negative" of it using epoxy. Then pour the other half.

That way I have an epoxy negative cast of the case, which allows me to paint the insides of it with gelcoat and fiberglass, then out comes a nice, neat, box from outer space.

And I can do everything together with him in the workshop. Bonus.

So - I obviously know a thing or two about model making already, but not what materials to use, where to get it locally, and the small tricks and details that makes this simple without all the beginner misstakes.

So as you see, this case project is really more about me learning how to turn complex models drawn on CAD to the finished product, all by hand - I find this extremely fun. I have probably used close to 100 hours in total on the design and model making until now, and I figure I'll use a 100 more for the rest - at least time on the first box.

Since I'm making a negative with poured epoxy, I will be able to produce many more from the same model. MMmmm. So in theory I can sell this thing, but in reality I fear that making one offs by hand will take too long for anyone willing to actually pay what it will cost for a finished product :P.

Anyway - much text, no photos - no worries - here is the one photo I managed to shoot today.





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