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StereoSID case model soon ready.




First of all, gotta say - sorry - no pictures, my crappy htc phone is at repair, and I have no card reader for that tiny mem card in the computer, so pictures gotta come later on, I have em, but phone crashed before I could load them onto the computer :)..

This saturday i have been working a lot on the model. A heavy dose of "bondo" to fix some mistakes I made while sanding the release-edge on it.

To make sure all the surfaces was even (it's hard to feel every tiny uneven bump in the wood / bondo with the fingers - even hard to look for them), I sprayed it with a extremely light coat of red paint and started sanding it with 240 grit and a very even sanding block. this way I can sand the tops off there, and the "valleys" are left red colored :). Then I can sand more if it's not much or I can fill in some more with bondo. I did both methods on the box depending on how serious it was. Smart trick I learnt from an auto painter I know.

After sanding the entire box, making sure every little error was corrected, i resprayed it with the same red color, now two heavy coats. That is how far I got this saturday.

Now i am going to sand it first with 240 grit to remove the "orange-skin" which is hard to avoid using cheap spraycans and a non-controlled enviorment :P. Surface will then become all flat and smooth. Then I am gonna wet sand it with 800 grit to make it even smoother.

Then I hit it with the car-wax. If that's not enough to make it shine, I'll give it a round with my angled polisher. When that is done, the surface should be very pianofinish-like.

The paint is really just to seal off the wood, so that release wax will do it's job properly. but since I'm using gelcoat as part of the finish on the box when I cast it, it doesn't hurt if the surface is as perfect as it can be on the model - polishing it like this aint really nessecary if u don't care that much for that job :P. But it will probably mean more work later on anyway...

So if my guess is right, I'm done with the model this week, then I head to the plastic workshop to get some epoxy around it. If I get hold of the right kinda gelcoat within this week, I actually might be able to start to make the real case this weekend. well... that would be sunday - saturday I'm playing in a wedding :P.

Now time for a nap after work / dinner :) have fun!



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