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MB-TIA Cartridge is alive !




Hi everyone I’m back and my project too.

It was not easy. Not because of the technical issues, just bad karma.

In 2011/2012 I made a working firmware and a manager under Max/MSP.

Because of personal reasons, I put the project on hold.

End of 2012, I received a message from Eptheca who asked me the status of the project.

With his help we decided to print 3 PCB’s. Unfortunately during this period, the hard drive of my computer suddenly decided to leave me, and I lost all my work: ((

I sent the drive to Shanghai to try to recover my data, but of course my disc was one of the non-recoverable 10% (always this bad karma).

So now we had the box and the electronics but nothing to put in it.

In February I decided to rewrite everything but it took me some time.



We've now got a new firmware and the application to manage the box.

I am inspired by the version 1 MB-SID.

I kept all the features of this engine.

I improved the management of banks, I dedicated two envelopes to the voice of the TIA which is free, and a few small details that might please you.

Here is the features of it:

  • 1 dedicated envelope for each voices(so 2) with optional non-linear curve and Sync which can be assigned to Amplitude and pitch. 3 specifics Mode to mix Modulation matrix and this env
    Env+Mods, Env*Mods, Env+(Env*Mods).
  • 2 additional envelopes with optional non-linear curve and Sync which can be assigned to Amplitude and pitch.
  • 4 additional LFOs with different waveforms and Sync which can be assigned to Amplitude and pitch.
  • Pitch Bender
  • Portamento/Glide function with Optional "Constant Time Slide".
  • Delays
  • 1 Arpeggiator for each voice(so 2) with optional Sync.
  • Poly, Mono and Legato Mode
  • Separate keyboard zones for each voice (key splitting) allows to play voices separately
  • Extended Mode for keys(all note reponse) or non extended with offset and length.
  • 1 velocity response for each voices (so 2) with optional CC assignment
  • Free controller assignments to Modulation Wheel and Aftertouch
  • LFOs, Envelopes, Arpeggios optionally syncable via external MIDI clock (one for each;)
  • BankStick support (4 banks of 128 sound patches per stick, up to 8 can be connected) so 32 banks.
  • And much more.

    Coming soon:

    • wave and CC sequences which allow more percussive sounds (Wavetables) with dedicated banks.
    • Drum or Fx Kit Presets with dedicated banks.
    • 8 Analog I/O
    • 4bit sampling ;)
    • Atari 2600 Joystick and Video touch pad support.

    There's no CS on the cartridge version, but there's enough room in FW to add it. If someone wants to create it, you are welcome. This firmware is only for 18f4685.

    You can add MB-Link too if you need it, PORTA.0-7 and PORTB.0-3 share 8 I/O on the AUX connector.

    No CS; but I designed a Max/MSP Application (windows and Mac compatible):

    And it has iDevice support(sorry for those who boycott Apple products):

    I'm trying to finish a Max4Live version, with a common file between both applications that will retrieve the names of banks, patches and all parameters without having to open the input of the midi track and make a CC request (there's no SysEx in Ableton Live).

    Now i suppose you want to hear it:

    Listen on Soundcloud.com

    Voilà!!! :smile:



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