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Got most parts and started soldering




Studying for the last two weeks for an exam yesterday, I didn't have a lot of time to put in the project.

But I now have almost all the parts for the 9090. I used the subatomicglue excel file and got most parts at Mouser.

The 2sd1469R I had to order from Nikko electronics (wwww.dalbani.co.uk), the rest I ordered from Reichelt.de.

If you would ever consider ordering parts in Europe: reichelt is a lot cheaper the Mouser, damn I which I first looked at Reichelt :-(

I waited for the PCB's to come in from Trevor, so I could be sure of the correct size of the capacitors. I have now placed the order at Reichelt.de.

I have sorted out all the parts that I received from Mouser and Nikko by their values, in such a manner that I can work organized.

Yesterday I already started soldering (I know I should wait until I have all the parts, but I couldn't wait).

I soldered in all the parts I have for the power and for the bass drum.

today I will start with the second board with the cymbal, Hi-hat, MIDI etc parts, because I have not yet tested the power and don't want to waist a complete PCB. fingers crossed that all is ok and I don't burn components of the bass drum section.

you can also see on the picture that I haven't soldered the transistors yet, I will not use the BC559 and BC549 from Mouser but the transistors I ordered from Reichelt. I also need another capacitor for C8, because the one I have is to wide to fit in between the resistors left and right of that position. When I get that one from the local shop here, I will also need to buy a male and female connector for the power (J8, J11, J23 and J25) because the males I ordered don't fit the females....





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maybe a stupid question but what do you mean with beans?

Oh and yes I am still waiting for the ports from Reichelt (including the fuse holders)

cheers jef

Ahh, sorry for using slang. See Urban dictionary for a definition. Seeing this took my back on a trip down memory lane.

My 9090 is finished, but there's still some touching up to do. The Taiwan Alpha pots I got from Futurlec had some issues with the 1M pots so I need to replace those. Also, I need to switch to shielded (grounded in one end) cable for the pots that control the pitch of the digital sounds as those are very noise-sensitive. And yes, slap on the very nice front panel I got from Julian F. But, electronically it's all working. It sounds fantastic! Far better than any samples I've heard :sorcerer:

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Looks nice. Personally I always try to mount rectifiers so they stand approx 1 cm off the board so that they can dissipate heat better. They not only get the benefit of airflow from underneath, but those thick leads act a bit like a heat sink.

My 9090 boards should arrive any day now - so I'll be starting to build shortly!

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cool! so the new boards are green!

i got mine early december and they're red. i've only built the power supply so far, and all sockets (also for the transistors).

i haven't made the big order yet, as i was not sure about some cap spacings too, and also not about the type. i was tempted to start soldering in the resistors, as i should have at least most of them in stock.

i've also bought the rare parts kit from Gaetano.

in fact i've started so many projects that i just manage to get through all of them step by step, ie very slowly....

i'll watch your blog!

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