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MB-TIA Cartridge. Max Manager Software and Drum Kit Sound Demo.




Firmware is working.

Manager is ready.


  • 2 dedicated envelopes with optional non-linear curve for each voice, which can be assigned to Pitch and Volume
  • 2 additional envelopes with optional non-linear curve which can be assigned to Pitch and Volume
  • 4 additional LFOs with different waveforms which can be assigned to Pitch and Volume
  • Pitch Bender
  • Portamento with optional "Constant Time Glide" function
  • Delays
  • Arpeggiator
  • Poly, Mono, Multi and Legato Mode
  • Separate keyboard zones for each voice (key splitting) allows to play voices separately
  • Free controller assignments to Modulation Velocity AUD0, Velocity AUD1, Wheel and Aftertouch
  • Wave and CC sequences which allow more percussive sounds
  • 2 Wavetables, 3 modes (Single 1x32, double 2x16 and Kit)
  • In Kit Mode Wavetable is used as Key mapping table
  • The wavetable sequencer can be combined with the arpeggiator in order to realize complex textures
  • LFOs, Envelopes, Wavetables, Arpeggios optionally syncable via external MIDI clock
  • OS independent MaxMsp Manager
  • BankStick support (128 sound patches per stick, up to 2 are internally connected)

MaxMsp Manager:


Here preset(patch) is 'Drum Kit 1'

- Voice Mode : Poly, max 2 notes at a time.

- Wavetable Mode : Kit, one note / one sound.

'Drum Kit 1' Sound demo:

Only one MIDI track, five differents sounds, for this drum pattern.

The track starts with this five sounds.

Next part: MB-TIA Cartridge. Final PCB.



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I will propose a batch quickly, I hope in october, thank you for your interest, your can find some photos of prototype in my album...

I wasn't aware of little-scale's work, thank you, is it your work? What's the A26F interface? Does it work with synthcard?

Maybe You Can help me. I am looking for someone who has already identified sounds and their codes (AUDF / AUDC), to complete Patchs and Banks.

I'm looking for a typical melody for box startup, a MIDI file + code(AUDF/AUDC) for each note used in sequence, length from 1 to 3s.

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I've got a lot of work this time,

thx for your interest.

PCB which fits in cartridge is drawn but i need time for print one and test it before propose a batch.

Stay in tune...

For the chips, all mines are from cannibalized 2600 ;)

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