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Dinner party in between... no good for workflow :D




:nuke: The enclosure is soon ready for the warp core!

Today, before and after easter dinner party at the in-law's place :yawn: , I killed some time in the workshop. Enclosure model is due to be finished tomorrow - or at least the wood work part of it. Still needs heavy bondo work to be all there, but I am pretty sure I'm starting that tomorrow.

I haz some new pics too of course! :w00t:


First sidewall for the right horn installed. Lots of angles, lots of work.


Here is a picture of the front, where you can see all the cool angles all around.


Magic :sorcerer: Suddenly all the side panels is installed, and even the top panel of the horns :)


Mmmmm. angles!




Sidepanels. mmmm... more angles :drool:


And that is about how far I got today. The only thing missing is the small pieces of the back panel. Give me 30 minutes tomorrow and they're installed too :super:

Until tomorrow, have fun with the pics :).

PS. If anyone have suggestions to what to call it (it needs a logo!!) please share your ideas! :)


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Oh I also thought initially to build a minimal cs, but now when I hold the case in my hands, I can't settle with that.

Any suggestions from you people who are more used to handling hardware synths what controls to include. I have ordered in a DINx4 and DOUTx4 from smash's shop, so that's what I'm limited to.

I aim to make this my bring-to-gig sid synth (6582 for special occations :)), and What I was thinking about was to actually exclude the oscillator section, and bring with me filter, lfo and envelope. I am unsure about the matrix, wether to include it or not.

Would of course also need the LCD and the control buttons and encoder.

I have a lot of tact switches - bought a huge pack off ebay some time ago (13mm ones) and I have some encoders, but I'll just drop by Tim's if I need more.

If you would have to choose 2 of the section in the full CS, what would it be? :)

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