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Easter Saturday calls for finalizing model!

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I had a small update on this blog yesterday, but promised a new one today, and here it is. The finished model (except for a spray paint coat to seal up the wood - that comes next).

I am assuming now that the build is gonna be a bit slower the days to come, because I need to figure out a couple of things when it comes to casting the mold. Gotta get hold of release wax too, so I don't think I'm gonna be able to do more with the enclosure before after easter...

Anyway, here's the pictures:


Main coat of bondo sanded down (took a while yes) and the second and third layer waiting to dry up for moooooore sanding :pinch:


Shoot of front panel, all sanded and cute looking.


Detail shoot of the right horn muhahahaha.


I am still proud and amazed of how cool it looks in profile. hehe.


Details from the left horn.


Backside-ish photoshoot.


Upside down


Upside down horn details. Just like a turtle on it's back :laugh:


I had a sudden stroke of inspiration - I think it looks so evil - I just had to add some accessories to it :). I don't know how well they will stay on during transport though! :devil:

So, That's it folks. Next time I add a blog entry for this build, it will be of me casting the mold! Yeey!

Have fun!

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I like the Devil/Easter bunny addition at the end! :thumbsup: Nice work!

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