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Progress: New lab, base pcb almost finished & panel arrival




My electronics "lab" has now been moved out of the laundry room and minimally set up in another nook in the basement. Still yet to see if the landlord approves... :ahappy:

I got it set up in time to put a couple hours of work on the base PCB. I had picked up some 1K resistors at Radio Shack to replace the ones I destroyed. I picked up 1/2 watt resistors, thinking that was the right rating. However, bringing them home, I see they are much bigger than my original resistors were. I'm assuming that if the originals were 1/4 watt, it's no big deal to use 1/2 watt ones, as long as the resistance is the same, correct? :question:

They look kinda big and old school on the board. I like. Now I've just got to get the machined pin socket strips for the filter capacitors, and I'll be ready to put in the ICs and test!


My obnoxious front and back panels came in! :drool: I plopped my logo on the LED grid, as well as other customizations you can see. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the back panel pots yet, though I'll probably go with the feedback pots. That being the case, I just put a big BLAT on it in case I change my mind once I get to that point. I also put the larger hole for the 1/4" jack for the mix out.



and finally, a shot of the new lab...


And there you have it, there it is. I'll keep ye posted, whether you like it or not. :wink:



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Hehe, very well done!

Even if it was a bit more expensive manufacturing the frontpanel, you have something absolutely unique in the world nao :)

Yes, you can use the 1/2 watt resistors, if they fit in somehow, maybe insert them vertically...

Edit: Good idea to go for the 6.3mm mix-out out on the backpanel at once, if you don´t have it yet, you now just need to get a high-quality "guitar" 6.3mm stereo socket and you have a studio-class connector - a suitable connector is referenced in the photo tut, it is not totally cheap but great quality...



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Thanks Peter!

I did get a high quality TRS jack (with gold plated contacts...oooooh fancy) I've always been partial to Neutrik connectors...that's what I use for my cables in the studio. I just hope the jack's not too big... I couldn't find a shorter one outside of the one that was linked to at Reichelt....

The resistors fit in fine. I like the look of them.



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