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Lab frustrations




So, a little background:

I have been doing my work a temporary lab I had set up down the basement of the building I live in. It's actually in the laundry room. I get in the way of the landlord trying to do his laundry, and I'm ducking under drying jeans just to get to the table. I know the moisture in the room isn't ideal, but it's what I got. If you know anything about living in NYC, space is at a total premium, and just to have access to a basement (esp without owning the bldg) is a serious luxury.

My upstairs neighbor and I, with the landlord's blessing, cleared a bunch of junk out of the basement this weekend and cleared an area for me to have a more permanent setup. Again, not ideal as the ventilation isn't stellar, however, it's out of the way and my own space in an incredibly raw and rustic alcove. I'll be right by the electrical mains and meters, so I can really fry myself if I choose!

I need a desk or a workbench, as the table I was using in the laundry room is too wide for this new electronics nook. I took my studio apart getting all my spare Ikea IVAR shelving, made measurements, and put a plan together to use that old stuff. This would be great, as it's just taking up valuable space in the studio. After destroying my studio to get this stuff out, I realized I couldn't find the stupid little Ikea pins to put it all together. The last time I touched these shelves was probably 2005 or something. I checked the house, and the studio again for the pins, to no avail, wasting the night. Of course this is the only night this week I've got off until Friday, and I should probably spend some time with my wife at some point... *ahem* so I think Friday night's out, too.

I was hoping to be back in working shape with the new electronics nook but alas, I'm screwed for tonight at least. It's a bit of a setback... I'm hoping to finish this box by the end of the month, so I have a couple weeks to work it into the act for the concert in mid May. I'm not so sure it'll work out. I knew going into it that kind of a deadline would be a stretch for someone of my experience level.

In other, more uplifting news, I heard from Front Panel Express today and my custom panel will be arriving later this week. Just wait till you see it. It's awesomely obnoxious and self-serving, and I've no qualms about admitting it!

Sorry to bitch and complain about stupid non-fun non-MidiBox stuff. Thanks for reading and I'll keep ye posted.


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You´re not alone - my gf keeps b****ng about all that electronics crap, wires and black boxed ic magic stuff being scattered all over the appartment, useless in her eyes :), space is at a premium everywhere :unsure: - worst thing is i recently "lost" two pcbs and cant find them anywhere, now to avoid partnership problems i´d better not ask if she´s seen them :)

Keep it up and many greets to NYC :)


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