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Stereo Polivoks VCF (nearly complete :)


If you are looking for a low-fi audio filter (VCF), look no more... The Polivoks (google bareille polivoks for a free schem) filter is awesome! It screams (with high resonance), it is gritty, it extends the bass (in lowpass mode), and it can be overdriven nicely by applying quite hot input and attenuating the audio signal after the filter. The photo shows a stereo Polivoks build on a veroboard, it was routed by hand, that is why both sides are not visually identical... also due to small differences in the resistors and pots, they sound a very slight bit different, which only adds to the character :-). The external VCF inputs are not wired up yet (empty TL072 slots)... i am also missing a MIDIbox CV, or an AoutNG on the SEQ, which would be fantastic for filter automation.In conjunction with (relatively) low-fi sound sources, in this case, when using it on rather old-school SID patches is great, in stereo it is twice the fun (most analog filterboxes are mono). Hope to demo it soon! The slot is a 1/2 U (height unit) el-cheapo steel rack panel from ebay (ca 3€), drilled with a press drill, attached to a cheap selfbuilt wooden enclosure. Total material cost for the depicted filter was way less than 50€, as no special parts are used... Many, many thanks once again for the tip, J! The polivoks definitely came to stay! :-D Highly recommended rainy-day(s) project for every MIDIboxer! :-) Many greets! Peter

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Cool! That's awesome! I saw a couple Polivoks for sale from some dude in Russia for under $200 each about 10 years ago. If I wasn't such a dumbass, I'd have bought one... pretty unique sound...

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Thanks! While this module lacks the unique synthesis qualities of the original Polivoks, much of the sound essence is captured by the raw filter :) Great with SIDs! :)

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Funny that you mention Marc Bareille and its Polyvoks Filter clone. He is a good friend of mine! :-)

I have as well his PCBs unfortunately not yet mounted.

Do you have any audio demos?


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