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    Is there any word about when Smash will have these boards available?
  2. OLED specs?

    Cool thanks man, I hate to be a pain posting noob questions but thanks for the help. I am glad my gut was right, I try to search for answers to my questions and allot of time i find them but theres also allot of times where i look right over it. I seem to have a rough time seaching in the forum for answers but i am getting the hang of it.... i think :blink: but thanks again for the help :thumbsup:
  3. OLED specs?

    I have had my eye on these LCD's I think they look great. The charchter displays Mouser Part #: 763-NHD-0216KZW-AB5 Manufacturer Part #: NHD-0216KZW-AB5 Newhaven Display has anyone used these with the LPC17 core. It looks to me like it should be no problem. operating voltage 5v ,operating current of 30 ma I belive. spec sheet I am a bit unsure about the acceptable specs for the LCD I seen the 3-5v not to sure about the current though . Which leads me to my questions, Are these within spec for the LPC17 core ? How do these look in use are the ads B.s or do they look nice and clear? Will these work without an external power supply? My gut tells me that these should be fine but i would like another opinion please. Thanks in advance, sorry to be a bother .
  4. Hello to you, just browsing through the members list.

  5. happy 2012 to all

    1. Hawkeye


      with lots of midiboxing! :)

    2. jojjelito


      and fun for all :)

  6. Panel mount parts?

    Thanks allot for the quick response, Im still not sure where i missed that at but thanks. I Figured that the linear taper would work the best, I was just not to sure what resistance value to use or if it even made a difference. But thanks again.
  7. Panel mount parts?

    *WARNING DUMB NEWBIE QUESTIONS* For midibox 64 I have browsed the forum and looked over the material available. I believe I have missed a few things. From what i have found is that as far as panel mount pot's are concerned they should be 10k linear pot's For both the Rotary and slider pot's 1. What is the recommended value for Panel mount Pot's Rotary and Slider? 2. What type of push buttons would be recommended for just On off functions? Possibly a mouser part# because i am having no luck with that 3. If the recommended value for the panel mount pot's is indeed 10k linear. Could i possibly get an explanation for this or a point in the direction of where i might have missed this. Thanks in advance for any help. :frantics:
  8. just want to say hello to everyone. And thanks for all the valuable information here