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  1. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    man I've been waiting since 2012!! last time he mailed me he mentioned lexan overlays (also for the sammichSID).. hope this will happen! they are great little boxes
  2. sammichSID not saving MIDI patch changes?

    No it's not updating the parameters on the LCD when I use NRPN's or CC's
  3. sammichSID not saving MIDI patch changes?

    My box won't respond to NRPN's at all after I make those edits. Do you think I should change some more instances of SID_PATCH_BUFFER_SHADOW?
  4. sammichSID not saving MIDI patch changes?

    Awesome, thanks, I'll give it a try see how it works out.
  5. sammichSID not saving MIDI patch changes?

    I really like the simplicity of the NRPN streams, it would be cool if there was somehow a switch to make it edit into the buffer directly. I would love to edit it with the Bitstream 3x, but I can't make SysEx work correctly. I realized it couldn't send 12 bit values with MIDI, the way it's packed. I can sort of make the filter work by neglecting the smallest nibble, but I can only make it go up to 7F, so half the filter is open.
  6. MIDIbox SID V2 Release + Feedback

    Had to raise it to 50ms but now it's perfect, thanks!
  7. MIDIbox SID V2 Release + Feedback

      many thanks, I'll try this out tonight
  8. MIDIbox SID V2 Release + Feedback

    Really liking the supersaw for 303 lines    By the way, I'm getting a lot of accidental double button presses on my sammichSID, it's driving me nuts.. could that be solveable in software?
  9. Trying to fix my sammichSID

    lol I am an idiot. I got it working by uploading the MIDI part of MIOS.. Didn't realize there was such a thing. Everything works perfect now.     yep that was the whole issue.   *hides   really happy though ha
  10. Trying to fix my sammichSID

    yeah that's probably a better idea.. thanks for the offer, really nice of you.   I'll PM you
  11. Trying to fix my sammichSID

    Okay searching for "f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0e 03 32 f7" on google I found that the MIDI on the device I was using to connect it to the computer is not very good.   Using a better device I can now make contact with MIOS again, it says everything is cool and I even tried re-uploading the firmware, but no dice. Still nothing. I can't download any patches I did. I don't see anything but the blocks on the LCD and the LEDs do nothing.
  12. Trying to fix my sammichSID

    Alright had a busy month, but I sat down with it just now.   * the LCD on the control surface lights up, I can see two rows filled with blocks. * the LEDs do nothing. * when trying to connect with MIOS I get the following:   pressing 'Query' responds with: "No response from MIOS8 or MIOS32 core!". I do get 5 SysEx strings responding from the sammichSID containing: "f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0e 03 32 f7"   I do get a steady pulse from the sammichSID. It contains a SysEx string with "f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7". I also get similar responding SysEx strings when I'm uploading the hex file. There is some form of communication, but the core doesn't seem to respond.   trying to upload the sammichSID hex gives: "WARNING: no response from core". It then proceeds to send the data anyway, responding with SysEx strings. After the process is complete it just continues with giving the steady pulse of "f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7"   * Minor detail I noticed. When I turn the sammichSID on or off, with the control surface attached I get a "f0 f7". When I remove the control surface I get a bunch of lines when I turn it off. "fc" and 5 or 6x "ff" on seperate lines.   * I tried both the PIC chips I had burnt, both the same result.   Suggestions? Should I get a new optocoupler? Try and get the PICs reburnt? I believe the soldering is all sound. I checked everything, and it worked without a hitch before I did the "optrex surgery" (soldering in those two wires), I probably should have removed all the ICs before I did that. Maaaaybe?   Please help guys, I really miss using this little box..  
  13. Trying to fix my sammichSID

    I should have just copied the whole message. Sorry about that..   As for the backlight, it still works fine. Right after I got the PICs I still could, and had (repeatedly) uploaded the sammichSID.hex - but nothing seemed to happened. After a reboot I couldn't see anything on the LCD, it didn't make a sound, and the LED's didn't do their startup pattern.   I ordered two PICs, had them both burned by someone else, and I tried them both. Same thing on both cases.   Right now I can't connect to MIOS anymore. And I've also tried both PICs..   Could it be the PICs themselves?     Anyway here's the text I got from Jason many moons ago. Thanks for the patience all, I will noob my way through this..   New PCB Revision 3   This batch includes revision 3 PCBs, the only differences are slightly different silkscreen (the white printing) and the J16 header, which is still technically 16-pin but you can use an 18-pin header. This allows people to (optionally) use the Optrex STEP LCD, which has the backlight pins (B-, B+) at the other end of the header, the two pins NOT in the outline. (I used the same solution in the sammichFM design).   For everyone using a negative green (the default LCD) supplied by me, just put the male header in the 16 pins closest to the top of the PCB (i.e. closest to the rear panel/sockets).   If you're using an Optrex STEP LCD (i.e negative blue), put the male header in the 16 pins closest to the bottom of the PCB (i.e. closest to the J8/J9 female header).   If you're using an Optrex STEP LCD, you must also solder one wire on the bottom side to connect the B+ pin to the unmarked pad at the bottom, on the same side.   Unlike sammichFM, there are no tracks, you need to use a wire. Sorry for the inconvenience. Optrex STEP LCDs are considered "low power" so follow the build guide instructions for "low power" LCDs (JR4=open, JBL=5V, brightness pot=max)   There's only one way your LCD can align and fit (when mounted to the control surface PCB), so don't worry too much about it unless you plan to connect the LCD while it is not mounted to the control surface PCB (which you probably should never need to do).    
  14. Trying to fix my sammichSID

    Alright here are a bunch of shots. Last one is the header of the old display.   https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3429552/2014-08-20%2012.22.25.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3429552/2014-08-20%2012.22.35.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3429552/2014-08-20%2012.23.34.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3429552/2014-08-20%2012.23.54.jpg
  15. Trying to fix my sammichSID

    No, I looked up the email from way back, here's the bit about the Optrex: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3429552/Screenshot%202014-08-19%2022.15.53.png   Could the second wire I added be the cause of my problems? I'm going to remove it anyway, but it's just the grounds, right?