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  1. [B] AIN R4 module

    Hi Akos,   thank you for the offer! I do already have a self etched AINX4 here, I was just looking for the newer version because it makes wiring a bit easier for me.    Thanks & best regards  Lars
  2. [B] AIN R4 module

    I'm looking for a AIN R4 module for an old Pic based core. Does anyone have a spare one?   Cheers Lars
  3. Hello,   I have 3 of the Fairlightii LRE 8x2CS Rev 2.5 boards for sale. 15,- each.   Best regards> Lars      
  4. I’m selling my MIDIBox MIDI / DAW Controller.   This unit was a remote control for a Tascam HD recorder in it’s former life. I exchanged the ‚brain‘ to a MIDIBox Core so it could ‚talk‘ MIDI. It’s based on MB-NG.   Inside the unit are (in addition to the original Tascam boards) a LPC17 Core and a custom PCB with all the DIN/DOUTs. I also added wooden side panels and a LRE 8x2 for 16 encoders.   Since it’s based on MIDIBox the unit is fully customizable. At the moment it’s configured as a mixture between a logic control and a ‚normal‘ MIDI controller: the transport buttons, jog wheel and num buttons are in logic control mode (recognized by your DAW as a logic control), the rest of the buttons, encoders + LEDs are sending/receiving MIDI CCs / Note messages.     16x     encoders with LED rings 1x     jog-wheel (optical) 9x     big transport buttons 66x     small buttons 137x LEDs 1x    7-seg-display (3 characters) 1x     2x20 LCD   2x     MIDI-In 2x     MIDI-Out 1x     USB (4x virtual ports) 1x    Ethernet (OSC) 1x    Power    It’s powered by USB, but you can also connect an external power supply in case your computer / hub is too weak.    I’m asking 180,- Euros / or maybe a swap for an iPad / iPad mini (iOS 11 ready).     Lars  
  5. I think I found a bug in the MB CV V1.3 firmware. The DIN sync start/stop output behaves incorrectly.    When I press start in my DAW (Logic) the start/stop output goes high (5V), when I press stop it goes low again (0V). so far so good. But when I move the song position line in Logic (or Ableton) while it is still stopped, the start/stop output of my MB CV goes high again and stays high until I start and stop Logic again. Maybe MB CV mis-interprets Logic's SPP-commands as start commands, somehow.. don't know.   The DIN sync start/stop works fine on a MB 808, I just checked that.
  6. [GONE] MB909 PCB Rev1

    I'm giving away my cannibalized MB909 PCB, Rev 1. The PCB is in a good shape, you just need to clean the board/holes.    If anybody wants it, pm me. Just need the money for postage, probably 7,- Eur (if in Europe). or even better: has anybody a spare DOUT or DIO-Matrix PCB he wants to trade..?   Lars
  7. Adding a basic Sequencer to NG

    Oh, an arpeggiator included in MB-NG was on my wish-list for a long time. It makes total sense for NG (and for MB-KB) because since you can connect keyboard matrices you can build your own keyboard controller with an integrated arpeggiator.  I looked at the sequencer scripts and understand the basics but unfortunately I have no idea how to implement an arpeggiator. It’s been a long time since I wrote NGR stuff, I think I can do some minor parts like „switches select clock dividers“ or sth, but it would be nice to have an example script of the „core“ arpeggiator. Don’t know what’s possible with NGR scripts, but I’m hoping for something basic like a Juno arpeggiator (int/ext tempo, up/down, hold, gate length..).   Anyway, exciting news   
  8. Hey,  great work guys!   Do you plan to make this "scaleable"? I'm asking because I have three LRE8x2 left and don't know what to do with them, so I'm thinking about a MB Programma with three LRE8x2...   Cheers Lars
  9. MIDIbox NG Release + Feedback

    Just a quick note that NG_033 Pre7 seems to work fine here on my side. I tested it with my Tascam Controller which has a complex hardware config (direct LEDs + Buttons, Button Matrix, LED Matrix via MAX7219, Hi-Res Encoder plus an LRE8x2CS), but a rather simple software config (half of the controllers send Midi CCs on USB#2, the transport controls are configured as a Logic Control on USB#1).    So far, so good..
  10. MIDIbox NG Release + Feedback

    Hello TK,   haven't touched the code on my MB_NG for a long time (cause it's all working perfectly), but is that "timecode on LCD" feature still planned?    Best regards Lars  
  11. K-rAd's MB SEQV4 Progress?

    I'm also curious: is there a new shop?
  12. I am afraid I can't give you a proper explanation for this, but yes, it has something to do with the cluster size and the way the app reads data from the card. Norbim explained it to me in more detail, maybe he could chime in here...   I made a test with two cards: a new Sandisk 4GB Class 6 and a very old Sandisk 512MB (no class written on it, I guess 2), and I was able to get 12 voices out the old one but only 7-8 with the new 4GB. When I put these cards in a computer the 4GB one is much faster (like it "should be"..).
  13. Hey,   I finally finished my MB Mellotron. It is basically two MB sd card samplers which you can mix. I loaded them up with Mellotron samples. It consists of the following modules:   2x STM32F4 running the sampler app 1x STM32F4 running MB NG. Connected to that are…        —> keyboard (via DIO matrix)       —> two encoders with buttons (via DINX1)       —> 2x16 LCD       —> sustain pedal input       —> Midi out 1x self etched PCB with the analog mixer section, headphone amp and a spring reverb emulation 1x PSU with +5V and +12V     It’s all working pretty well. With 2GB sd cards I get 7-8 voices per card, if you use smaller cards (e.g. 512 mb) you would get more voices (up to 12). The whole sampler is super basic, there is no looping, no envelopes etc, but for a mellotron emulation it is all I need.    Thank you Lee and Norbim for developing this app. Norbims latest version even has some internal effects (chorus, phaser, tremolo) !!!   Cheers Lars    
  14. MB Mellotron 10

    From the album rvlt's MB stuff

  15. MB Mellotron 9

    From the album rvlt's MB stuff