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  1. GrandMa2 Selfmade with Midibox?

    uhmm i can not paste the url anymore and the "link" function doesnt work any more. go to the main webpage and enter "ma4pc" inside the search box.
  2. GrandMa2 Selfmade with Midibox?

    hi there is a Post on the NG forum  about some one that allready copied the GrandMa2. that one look realy Awesome!!!! and if i readed it correct its not that easy to just connect a Midi controller to MA software. if i recall it correct he used a other software that like cracked the MA software in somekind of way.   i tried/lookt it with Avolight but it uses custom Midi command and Most of all the button/faders did not have a midi command.
  3. RGB Encoder Rings

    yes i think you can use.   EVENT_ENC  ID=1  TYPE=META  META=RUNSECTION RANGE=0:127 and the RANGE will be the first Section, everything in between, and last section.   and if you dont like to have all the sections on the encoder   you can use the RANGE=MAP1   and  MAP1      1 2 4 8 16 wil only tigger Section 1 2 4 8 and 16....       dont have my hardware at my side so cant test it..
  4. Encoders in DIN Matrix?

    i dont think MB_NG can do this..   maby a new feature for TK to make..   But MB_can only handle 128 Encoders..   32 DIN Shiftregisters x 8 inputs = 256, each Encoder needs 2 inputs so 128 encoders...     /spirit
  5. IMAG0358

    From the album My First MB_NG

    Test Front plate with Cardboard
  6. IMAG0342

    From the album My First MB_NG

    Back from Front plate :-D
  7. IMAG0341

    From the album My First MB_NG

    Main board
  8. IMAG0340

    From the album My First MB_NG

    Finished Project
  9. IMAG0321

    From the album My First MB_NG

    Build in progress
  10. IMAG0295

    From the album My First MB_NG

    First a Beta Version to see if my idea will work
  11. Big project for big biginner !

    Yes this seems OK!   But Why would like to have one LED for each POTS... And Why 2x AINSER64, if you only like to have 40 pots (1x AINSER 64 can handle 64 pots)   Also i would recommend to get a LCD screen this can be very usefull for troubleshooting..       as you see on the webpage "Includes PCB and all parts that mount directly to the board" so Yes you get the PCB + ALL the parts..     And you also need to have a Powersupply 12V 500mA DC should be Oke.. and you need a SD card, i recommend to use a SD adaptor and put a Small Micro SD into it so you can still remove the Micro SD and put it in you PC if things realy goes wrong..       /Spirit
  12. Big project for big biginner !

      YES!!   only is you use the Matix you need to Read carefull the instructions on the pages as they need some extra components.. or you need to Leave some Componets..   /spirit
  13. Big project for big biginner !

    :rolleyes:  no you still need the DIN/DOUT/AINSER64 or AINSER8   Only the CORE8 support 8 OR 16) Shiftregister to get 128 Button/Led or 64encoder.   the LPC supports 32 Shiftregister to connect 256 Button/led direct to the Shiftregister or. 16x16 = 256 x8 = 2048 Button/Led Matrix...   1x DIN/DOUT = 4x Shiftregister (32 I/O)   and to make it more clear.. you can connnect 32 (74HC165) Shiftregisters for Buttons/Encoders. AND 32 (74HC595) shiftregisters for LED/Ledrings, 7Segment led displays.   /spirit
  14. Big project for big biginner !

    hi   you have the CORE8 this core can handle 128 Midi event so 128buttons or 64button and 64Pots or 64Encoder with Ledring.   you also have the LPC Core. this core can handle 2048 Midi events. you can add 2048 Buttons and leds (RGB leds) 128Pots 32Moterfaders.   but i would recommend the LPC core. as i also know nothing about electronics but Midibox realy learned me allot about elecrontics. but if you buy everthing form smashTV you can get realy nice PCB's with all the Componets you need. and you just need to follow the PDF from Ucapps.. also the devolper made a Realy easy to understand Syntax, to program your LPC.   /spirit
  15. Max number of NRPN channels

    hi the manual says.   EVENT_X  ID=1 - 4095  TYPE=NPRN  CH=1 - 16  NPRN=1 - 16383  NPRN_FORMAT=UNSIGNED/SIGNED   /SPIRIT