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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all, I finished up my SeqV4 build this weekend (what a smooth project!). This thing is incredible. Reading through the manual, and there's a really good chance I missed it, I don't see the ability to define custom scales. I like to play with microtonal music sometimes, and would love the ability to define a custom scale for the FTS function. For example, I'm interested in 16EDO (16 Equal Divisions of the Octave) which has 16 notes per octave compared to the normal 12. This can be emulated in MIDI with pitch-bend messages -- for example, the C-16EDO chromatic scale would be (based on some arduino code I've hacked together in the past): PitchBend 0 NoteOn C-3 // C3 +0 cents PitchBend 3072 NoteOn C-3 // C3 +75 cents PitchBend 2048 NoteOn C#3 // C#3 +50 cents PitchBend 1024 NoteOn D-3 // D3 +25 cents PitchBend 0 NoteOn D#3 // D#3 +0 cents PitchBend 3072 NoteOn D#3 // D#3 +75 cents PitchBend 2048 NoteOn E-3 // E3 +50 cents PitchBend 1024 NoteOn F-3 // F3 +25 cents PitchBend 0 NoteOn F#3 // F#3 +0 cents PitchBend 3072 NoteOn F#3 // F#3 +75 cents PitchBend 2048 NoteOn G-3 // G3 +50 cents PitchBend 1024 NoteOn G#3 // G#3 +25 cents PitchBend 0 NoteOn A-3 // A3 +0 cents PitchBend 3072 NoteOn A-3 // A3 +75 cents PitchBend 2048 NoteOn A#3 // A#3 +50 cents PitchBend 1024 NoteOn B-3 // B3 +25 cents Now, I'm pretty sure that I could figure this all out in the CC layering... but is there an easier way to do this already? And if not... how do I humbly put in an enhancement request for a custom scale editor (that includes pitch-bend info per interval)?
  2. Hola, while trying to offer build/video instructions as good as we can make them :), we sometimes still receive requests from customers who cannot build their own devices for whatever reason (could be time restrictions, medical reasons, general fear of 1206 SMT parts, bad eyesight or an angry spouse swinging a rolling pin :)). We also know, that there are some advanced builders in the these forums, that would like to offer their "build services" on a commission basis for such interested parties, of course with their work time compensated by the purchasing party. Basically, this commission work already happened for quite a few general MIDIbox projects in the past and also midiphy project builds more recently. Therefore we'd like to introduce a somewhat more clarified process, with a set of liberal recommended rules, that should make sense to protect everyone involved. We also spoke with @TK. about it and he agreed, that it would be a good idea. Thus we'd like to establish the "midiphy Trusted Builders Program": https://www.midiphy.com/en/builders/ If you'd like to apply, the contract would be always between you as a builder and the purchasing party and therefore you could legally of course define any contract you want :), but these are the minimum terms we'd highly recommend to agree upon: * Payment modalities must be negotiated before any work starts. It is typical for the purchasing party to pay the full sum (parts & work) upfront, including any shipping of parts to the builder. * The builder might request that you purchase the parts from the web shop and have the web shop ship directly to them. * The builder might suggest a quid pro quo arrangement e.g. buying one or more sets of parts in lieu of payment for labor costs. * We recommend to exchange the postal address data of builder and the purchasing party before a deal is made. * A timeframe for the work should be negotiated upfront and the builder should agree to photograph "milestones" of the progress. * The builder must provide email support and a warranty for technical/hardware issues for at least one year after the completed unit is delivered to the purchasing party. * Products sent via parcel service should be fully insured against loss and tracked to ensure successful delivery. * A contract is formed between the builder and purchaser; midiphy is not legally involved in the transaction except for sending parts or other materials to the builder. If you are interested in becoming a trusted builder and if you agree to the terms above, you can send us an email at shop@midiphy.com. After checking, and if the experience level is high enough :), we'd add you to the published list of builders. Your email address is also safe, first communications from interested buyers is done through a "feedback form" on the web page, so your email address is not listed publicly. Michael "menzman" Menze (who already built a few v4+s) volunteered to be the first official builder, so you could see what data would be published on the page. In general, it would be a picture of you and a short bio, and then up to four photos of projects you worked on or things you've published (e.g. artist work, written words, photos, articles). Hope you like this new program! Best regards and have a good weekend! Andy and Peter
  3. From the album: Hawkeyes MB stuff

    Directly from AdrianH's workshop - thanks a lot for the photo! :)
  4. Hola, it is nice to see more posts in this section of the forums! So i did my best (...still quite limited on time) and posted a new one :-) Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching and listening! Many greets, Peter
  5. Hello, I really want a midibox v4 but don't have the time / will / skill / patience to find all of the parts and build it all to a high standard. I'm looking for something in the UK preferably. I'd like it to be fully built, be well made and in full working order including a nice case. I wouldn't mind trying to build it if I could just have a full kit with everything including the case with it but it'd prefer pre-built or built to order. Thanks, Pete
  6. I was just about to dig into a Seq V4 build when I started to see mention of a V4+ in the works. After some reading I was under the impression that to run the V4+ one would only have to update their firmware on a V4 machine, but further reading has led me to believe that the V4+ might actually be its own thing with interface changes, yada, yada. If the former is true I'll proceed with a build immediately, but if it's the latter I'll have to consider waiting a bit until the project is ready to roll . . . or maybe there isn't yet a definitive answer to this question?
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a seq cs board unpopulated, if anyone has a spare lying around. Feel free to pm :-) Delivery would be to NZ. Cheers Sam
  8. A number of people claimed interest in a Eurorack variant of my TPD, so I sat down and tried to modify the parts layout to somewhat better accommodate the Eurorack width. Here is a screenshot of the PCB. It is essentially built on altitude's advice on Eurorack dimensions, which I know nothing about... is this 14HP? So, the PCB is 100mm x 69mm (height x width), and the parts list is identical to the regular standard TPD. Also, the UI has the exact same layout, so you can use the template in the Wiki for your front panel. The mounting holes are different, though. Depending on interest, I might get a run of boards made after an initial testing of the prototype which will probably go to altitude.
  9. Hi All, I have been looking for a good midi sequencer for a while. I tried a couple of things out there but nothing satisfying. I won't have so much spare time to get into DIY. If someone has a MIDIbox SEQ V4 for sale in UK, ideally in London please let me know I am very interested.
  10. I'm now a few weeks into learning my SEQ and I'm much more comfortable with the UI now the muscle memory is kicking in. However, there are still some niggles niggling away about usability aspects. I feel like remapping some buttons but before I do. What remapping have you done from default if any and why?
  11. Hi Im selling my Midibox Seq V4, it as been in my studio for quite some time now, and it was really fun to built and to use it live. Unfortunately in this last 3 years i didn't use it at all, one reason is that my whole idea of performance didnt involve the Seq, so its time to move on and im betting the one who keeps it will give a proper use to this wonderful machine. Some specs: i have built this monster and it took me quite some time, at the time i was giving my first steps towards electronic diy stuff and this was my first project, lots of doubts and also lots of ideas that come out of this enterprise, luckily this forum always help me a lot, awsering questions and keep me positive about all of it. I didnt built a faceplate, was my intention but as soon i was starting playing with this baby i totally forget to make one, also i like the aesthetic of not having a front panel, the Seq as 2 midi in / 2 midi out but is prepared for one more in and out, (i have put the plugs but didnt solder them to the board), the rotary encoders in the front have the top caps, but they are missing from the photos because i was cleaning it and forget to put em back. The machine is running and dont have any errors or crashes the O.S is the last one, and i can throw a Power supply in the sale, the box was my creation, and is solid pine wood, the connections in the back a a proper newbies work, but its all good, no shorts or bad connections. I dont know what to ask because i cant come up with a value,(for the parts i have spent about 300€, wood box 45€ and a lot of days working in it) so if you can make me an offer i will appreciate, also im looking for modular stuff (Makenoise Modules, Intelligel, and a System A-100 (case) from Doepfer)
  12. Hey all, I experience a problem while assembling my Wilba front panel pcbs for the Seq. While everything worked fine (I had left out the LEDs first), last night I soldered the LEDs and something is wrong with my multiplexing. Among the step LEDs, every even step LED (2, 4, 6, etc) is always on and much brighter that it should be according to the used resistor. Also all LEDs on the left hand side of the board are always one, but much dimmer that they should be. Since I discovered this while testing during the assembly, I stopped and did not solder the LEDs above the start/stop/etc buttons, so I cannot comment on them yet. Visual inspection of the PCB and its solder points look good. I also reheated all LED solder points by know and carefully checked for bridges among them. As a configuration file, I use the standard file that is suggested for the Wilba panel. Any help indicating me into a direction where to best investigate is appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance! Best, Karg
  13. Hi Folks, I'm trying to driving my LXR from my SEQv4 and I'm having weird clock problems. Here's my setup Drum track set to channel 10 BPM set to 100 or above. MClk OUT set to On on BPM page. LXR set to anything with "N" in it meaning it receives notes. Voices set to channel 10 and any note (makes it easier to troubleshoot) I want to export clock as I have other synths with arpeggiators etc. The LXR specifically doesn't need clock, I just want to play notes on it. The problem. With MClk OUT set to On the LXR will only play 1 note every 9 16th's. No matter what the voice. If I slow BPM down it'll play something like 1 note every 6 or 7 beats. Basically it's not playing all the notes. If I turn MClk OUT to Off to stop exporting clock timing, the LXR behaves and plays every note, no matter how fast the BPM. Other tests with MClk enabled; Without the SEQ clock running I can bang away on my keyboard and play the LXR as fast as I can. Soon as the SEQ runs with clock exported, the LXR will only play a note every so often (as above). With clock enabled the SEQ can drive any other synth no problems with the drum track. Anyone with an LXR seen this?
  14. tashikoma


    homemade seqV4 backpanel...
  15. tashikoma

    Card Layer

    not final ribbon cable!
  16. tashikoma


    The LCD are cyan.... there were sells as white... (if i was knowing that the schaeffer character colour will be Cyan not white, must be tested before ordering schaeffer!)
  17. hi everybody, it s my first post on this forum, a friend just build a midibox sequencer v4 for me, and the first thing i really can t do is how to change the pattern on theidibox at the same time i change mattern on my elektron analog rytm i know that analog rytm send program change on channel 14, i d like to keep the analog rytm as master but if it s not possible i would change. i tried with the mixer map but was not able to associate a map with a pattern, i hope someone will be able to help me and hope you will understand my bad english :-)
  18. My beloved SEQ V4 The UI is reduced for my needs - working with it is very intuitiv always loved this Step-Buttons blue LED's are indeed very bright (used 3k) but the photo over-accentuates it case was ordered from Schaeffer - great Quality!!! This Sequencer is AMAZING
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