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  1. MIDIbox KB

    Hi FANTOM XR or abandoned MIDIBOX Kb.It did not fit with the software Varranger.
  2. jitter (potentiometers)

    hi all! I built MBP CORE STM32F4. everything works except Aiser 64 and 8. We are sure that, S1 of J19 connects to pin PB4 of MBHP_CORE_STM32F4?   thank.
  3. jitter (potentiometers)

    hi! I found eror while drawing the pcb.
  4. jitter (potentiometers)

    I need to 4 potentiometers for volume track.
  5. jitter (potentiometers)

    I'm already eroding the pcb.   thank you !
  6. jitter (potentiometers)

    I still use lpc1769. I bought STM32F4 and wanted to know if the problem of jiter and resolved. I would not build the PCB and then again have problems with jitter. if you tell me that and ok, I build the pcb.
  7. MiDI IO 128 : Pots setup

    HI!  that the project ARDUINO used?
  8. jitter (potentiometers)

    hi!   STM32F4  DISCOVERY with it and solved the problem of jitter (potentiometers)?   best regards.
  9. 8 encoder for 16 track

    THANK YOU  TK!! I try then I tell you. with a single button I can change bank 1 and bank 2?
  10. 8 encoder for 16 track

    Hi all!  You can use 8 encoder for 16 midi tracks? change the function with a switch?   thank! 
  11. MiDI IO 128 : Pots setup

    I have not yet solved the problems with jitter even though I tried with ainser64.    with STM32F DISCOVERY you solve this problem?
  12. set to an encoder, 2 control change

    I run this setup default.ngc and everything works great ..(encoder ALPS 24 pp- detent).  thanks Thorsten.   ENC n=  4   sr= 9  pins=6:7   type=detented3 EVENT_ENC  id=4  hw_id=4  enc_mode=Inc01_Dec7F  if_equal=0x01  type=CC cc=96 lcd_pos=1:1:2 label="Enc INC" EVENT_ENC  id=4  hw_id=4  enc_mode=Inc01_Dec7F  if_equal=0x7f  type=CC cc=97 lcd_pos=1:1:2 label="Enc DEC"   Best Regards
  13. set to an encoder, 2 control change

    THANK YOU THORSTEN! Then do the tests then tell you how it goes.   Regards, Silviu.
  14. set to an encoder, 2 control change

    Thak Thorsen!! 
  15. set to an encoder, 2 control change

    there is no one who understands my problem?    :sad: :question: