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  1. STM32F407_SID port?

    Hi, i am starting projecting custom stereoSID board based on STM32F4-disco dev layout (but no discovery board, only the mcu), since PICs are already outdated, can the PIC SID firmware be ported to STM32? I am working at evenings in local company having access to Autotronik machine which can do all smd hardwork. After the finish i will share the board if anyone want to build the same. PS It's planned as mostly smd, besides SID and some hard-to-locate components. And may be i'll orient it as board for ArmSID or SwinSID only because then it will have 5v only power supply, thoughts? edit: i didnot noticed i have sources for 2.044. I'll try to dig what's inside the code.
  2. Wtb midibox

    There is MB6582 here. Update: sold, so nevermind.  
  3. [SOLD] MB6582

    SOLD   Hi all. There is MB6582 for sale. Was built in 2014, and then was powered only 10-20 times i think. Too much for me listening SID files and not using all the power of the synth. Back panel is not standard as it was problems to find the power switch and MIDI sockets, so i used mini DIN sockets with Creative Labs adapters from old Audigy 2 ZS Platinum. Also there is no power adapter included, the power can be taken from PC power source or you just can use other 5+12v sources. The synth has internal mini amplifier with small stereo speakers placed at left and right of the case.It can be completely switched off (yellow knob is the amp on/off switch with volume control). All 8 SIDs are 8580, 4 of them have broken filters (2 working, 1 not), don't know how to price them, your offers on this 4 are welcome. I bought them from china seller and was not able to test them in a deal protection period, it was too late when i tested them. I have not calculated how much i spend on components, need few days to find the purchase history for most components, so i'll post the price later. Edit: according to payments history i spent 685 USD. This includes half-priced 4 SIDs with broken filters (bought from china seller for 120usd, priced to 60usd). Shipping (US and EU calculated) will cost 50 USD = total 735 USD. Edit2: as i'm going to travel in september for 3 weeks, i'll give 60 usd discount to buyer before 1 september. That will be 675$ with shipping. If you are interested to buy this unit, welcome to discussion or pm me.  
  4. I had the same problem time ago on MB6582 and as i remember this was about GND, aluminium back panel and MIDI sockets. Never catched it on my second SID device with plastic back panel.
  5. First fit

    From the album Building MB6582

  6. Making panel

    From the album Building MB6582

  7. Making panel

    From the album Building MB6582

  8. Making panel

    From the album Building MB6582

  9. Making panel

    From the album Building MB6582

  10. Making panel

    From the album Building MB6582

  11. Making panel

    From the album Building MB6582

  12. Making panel

    From the album Building MB6582

  13. Making panel

    From the album Building MB6582

  14. Making panel

    From the album Building MB6582