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  1. Cosmetic issues, some small suggestions how to reduce the LED cross talk here: Use a black permanent maker to paint the transparent sides below the caps of the mute switches. Also paint the sides of the scene and live LEDs with the black pencil. This will improve the contrast significantly. However do this before you solder the parts in. Afterwards it is not possible any more and I tried to put some adhesive aluminium foil in between. This was a bit difficult. At least, when MatriX will appear, I will have paint the switches before soldering :-) The white LEDs will glare less, if you sanded the front a little bit. And finally the power LED of the MCU board will not interfere, if desolder it or put a piece of black tape on it.
  2. Hi Peter, For the pattern analyzer, I am thinking about like here: https://www.link.cs.cmu.edu/music-analysis/ but I will need time for some tests and simulations, before I can give good suggestions. However, here some more and simpler feature requests :-) - cosmetic change Tempo Setting: swap Faster/Slower buttons, as I would expect faster on the right side. - A dedicated button for Midi Panic. E.g switching tracks with different midi-channels while playing on the keyboard sometimes disrupt the note-off event. Or implement a special handler for this case (forward note-off on previous channel). - Undo last record / overdub best wishes Robert
  3. Hi Peter, I would be eager in seeing the piano mode in the next version. And sure, a configurable time table would be great as well. How much resources are still available in the MCU? My dream is an algorithm that responds to the content of the notes played. An afterplay sustain pedal mode would not be very useful for my playing, or I misunderstood the idea. Also polyrhythmic tracks are nice for very short sequences, eg. 8 against 7, but for longer sequences or melodies, a time shift of some tracks does not make much sense, at least for me :-) Robert
  4. Feature Request #001 I assume that this thread is also about wishes for the loopa. So I will drop here are some suggestions that came to my mind, playing around with this inspiring sequencer. 1. sometimes I would like to have a track sounding softer. So in the track view, we could assign the unused button 2 as “piano”, meaning all notes are played with half velocity. Or a dial between zero and hundred percent, but a simple piano button would be nicer. 2. configure the screensaver. I am not sure if the current voxel animation really preserves the OLED display. So completely switch off the display for screensaver. Or why not reenable the animation we have seen some years ago in Hawkeye’s YouTube video, where the animation corresponds to the rhythm? 3. Global Life transpose knob transposes only boring fourth/ fitth/ octave. I would like also to have the possibility for for a half tone or tierce. What do you think? Robert
  5. Hi Andy, thank you for your hints, checked the pin traces, vacuumed solder from the 3 leftmost pins, did not help. Actually I inserted a smaller SD card with 512MB and it works now perfect! Is there a limitation of the memcard size? A 8GB SD card in my midibox sequencer works fine. Robert
  6. Hi experts, Having assembled my LoopA, I was running into an issue. The test mode works fine, the OLED and switches are OK. But when I insert the memory card, formatted 2 GB FAT32, The device hangs in the start screen: one second with the scrolling animation, then three seconds hanging, 1sec animation, 3 sec hanging, etc. When I press the reset button, the screen remains black. I also tested another memory card. For my perspective all solder points, especially to the SD card holder seem perfect. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Robert
  7. This is not directly a hardware issue, but I noticed that on my V4+ several buttons do not have a function assigned. For example the push function of the dial buttons do nothing. Or the lower Matthias buttons could do something useful in these contexts: Instr -> set midi Ch mute -> solo Can I define these things in MBSEQ_HW.V4 and did somebody try to define these buttons?
  8. Build done! I tried a blue/yellow/white color scheme, by combining the red+green with one 47R resistor and the blue with 1k... it has become more a blue/orange scheme. However, I am impressed by the perfection of this kit, with even spare parts and the case fits 100%, no need to drill additional holes.
  9. Yes! I was now able to trace the two diodes to the resistor network. Here was the problem, as you assumed at first. Two pins were not soldered correctly. Thank you very much for your help!
  10. all ICs and diodes have correct polarity. JA is only connected to CPU board. Mios throws events like Toggle 3038, button 3004, notify received 3006... Your schematics does not show the signal pathes to the the switch matrix and diodes, could you please copy this picture for me too? Measuring signals with a scope, I see normally +5V voltage at the diodes. But D3-D6 have not, only 50Hz hum, they seem not to be connected to anything.
  11. It is printed 4816P LF2-103. And all other buttons work perfectly.
  12. Crazy JA PCB LEDs Hi there, I am currently stuck with my JA PCB, testing it with the seq_l script. The 4 LEDs for the buttons Track,Param, Trigger and Inst start flickering when I push slightly one of these buttons. They even start blinking, when I touch some contacts like on J2. I guess this is a floating data line or a defect IC, but it is not possible to find the culprit without a circuit diagram. Who can help please? Robert
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