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  1. SSD1306 128x64 OLED Displays

    Hi Marxon,   you should try In my opinion they have more suppliers an better prieces.   I ordered 2 times over this portal without a problem ^^   greetz  tr1ptron1c
  2. MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 BULK ORDER spring 2014

    Hi Jerome, Iam also somehow Not able to create an Wiki Account. I would like to Join the List with : MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 x 1 MB-LR4x2CS_RED x 2 MB-LR4x2CS_Blue x 2 MB-E4x2CS x 4 16mm Encoder 25mm Schaft 25Stk. Best regards Tr1ptron1c
  3. Conductive Paint

    Hey Guys,   after surfing the internet for finding a idea for my diy drumpad issue. I found an nice product. Barepaint Conductive Pen (8,55€ /10ml) which can be used to paint your circuts (on clothes,pcb,....) or even glue parts instead of wiring. There are a lot of interesting tutorials on their Homepage like Making a Touch Sensitive Circuit , Learn how to Paint a Capacitor!  or Making a MIDI interface with the Touch Board . Now i have a lot of ideas how to use it for my Boxes :smile:   greetz  tr1ptron1c  
  4. 3d pcbs

    From the album random Pic`s

    all pcb's and 3d models are made using rhino3d
  5. diffuse

    From the album random Pic`s

    © tr1ptron1c

  6. wire routing

    From the album random Pic`s

    i forgot the connections :P

    © tr1ptron1c

  7. image1

    From the album random Pic`s

    © tr1ptron1c

  8. osc-section

    From the album random Pic`s

    © tr1ptron1c

  9. Ethernet Help

    Thanks a lot  for your fast help: :smile:   I will try it out tomorrow evening ^^ Have to sleep now :(  gn8
  10. Ethernet Help

    Hi midiboxer's, i have the same problem on 2 lpcCores (mbseqv4l / midiboxNG). I tried several configurations when directly connected to a laptop or connected to a fritzbox router ( w/o DHCP or with static IP config )   thanks in advance   Henrik