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  1. I'm just getting to know the SEQ and so far it is absolutely great.   But at the last step of the "berlin school tutorial" (the step for people who can't play the keyboard like me) i noticed that in jam mode every key that is "shifted" by the force to scale option doesn't send a note off message.   for example: when i use major as a scale, every black key keeps hanging until i press the white key right to it.   I tested different keyboards and synths.   If this is a feature, where do i turn it off? and if not, can somebody recreat it and tell me how to fix this.     Other than that, this thing rocks!     EDIT: I'm using V4.088 firmware
  2. wilba panel button issue

    It's working.   Thanks for your support (on an sunday) and for designing this wonderful platform.   Desoldering, cleaning and resoldering 50something buttons wasn't fun, but it was well worth it. I would do it again just to get this beauty running.   So thanks again,   cheers above-mentioned-roommate