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  1. i am looking for a aout_ng pcb to pimp my seq v4 with cv out. it does not seem to be on stock anywhere and i didn't find any recent bulk orders. befor i get a few made in china, i thought i'd try my luck here. cheers Paul
  2. @ungleichklang: the pins need a little bending before they can be inserted, they won't sit perfectly flush with the board and you need to take care to align them right before soldering. (i think i soldered one leg first then checked if they sit right and reheated if nececcary) other than that i am very happy with them.
  3. thanks cosmosuave for the reminder!
  4. it works with my e-mu xboard25 keyboard, but not with my mutable instruments cvpal. has anybody else got it running with cvpal?
  5. done :rolleyes: just finished redoing all the switches. i took the desoldering route. took ages and was a PITA but fortunately no pads were lifted and no traces damaged. even all the buttons survieved. and now they are all working now !!
  6. got it: we are not using tl1100 but "Eingabetaster ITT D6R" from pollin.de and have all of them soldered wrong (90° rotated) :pinch: i knew it had to be some stupidity like that on our side... i even checked their pinout and somehow assumed i had it the right way before soldering. now i feel a bit like having wasted your time Tk. sorry. at least now this thread exists to remind everybody who wants to use non standard buttons to think before they solder them in.. thanks a lot Tk!! now its desoldering time.. cheers loderbast
  7. none of the D0 pins are connected except the most right two ones in your image. the m5 ones are fine. shorting the two pins of U2 and U7 with a cable results in MIOS Studio recieving a M5 D0 "pressed" when connected, many alternating M4 D0 "pressed / depressed" messages while connected and M5 D0 "depressed" when i diesconnect the cable. maybe this has to do with us not using the tl1100 footprint for the buttons but the inner holes? this are the pins we are using:
  8. ... it is exactly the same with my roommates frontpanel pcb. we are using Bourns PEC16-4215F-N0024 encoders from mouser (if that has to do with anything)
  9. Hi Thorsten. didn't expect a reply that fast :) here is the output from MIOS Studio: [19138.007] set din_testmode on [19138.008] DIN testmode turned on [19142.065] [DIN_TESTMODE] BLM8x8 Pin M8 D6 pressed [19142.193] [DIN_TESTMODE] BLM8x8 Pin M8 D6 depressed [19162.485] [DIN_TESTMODE] BLM8x8 Pin M8 D7 pressed [19162.541] [DIN_TESTMODE] BLM8x8 Pin M8 D7 depressed [19163.796] [DIN_TESTMODE] BLM8x8 Pin M6 D6 pressed [19163.836] [DIN_TESTMODE] BLM8x8 Pin M6 D6 depressed [19164.572] [DIN_TESTMODE] BLM8x8 Pin M6 D7 pressed [19164.620] [DIN_TESTMODE] BLM8x8 Pin M6 D7 depressed [19165.404] [DI
  10. first of all: thanks to TK for all your great work!! so i finally got a seq v4 and soldered everything yesterday. i got a MBHP_CORE_STM32F4, Wilba SEQ CS board and MBHP_MIDI_IO. i used the wilba MBSEQ_HW.V4 file without any changes and the newest firmware version (088) no magic smoke after the first power up, but not all the buttons are working. only step 6,7, 10 ,11 of the step buttons are working and some of the other buttons also do nothing. (i didnt check which ones exactly, because i am unfamiliar with the user interface and never sure if every button should do something in
  11. PCBs arrived yesterday. perfect timing. just another project for me to build over the holidays. nice color, too. thanks a lot nILS. happy holidays!
  12. on the topic of patience.... can you give us a approximate delivery date, Nils? that would be great. thanks for all your effort!
  13. nice, that it is already implemented. i saw in the seq v4 manual it is even possible to make it faster than the master. i think it is not the best sollution to have to change the config file. maybe it is possible to do it this way: use the tap tempo button (hold tap tempo + one of the 16 gp buttons) to set divider. the seq v4l would recognize this as the first tap for tempo also, but this could be cancelled, as soon, as a gp button is pressed while tap tempo is hold down. it might be usefull for some people, to also be able to use this to make it faster than the master, but havin
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