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  1. Hi, is it possible to assign a button for the euclidean generator page using the HW file? Best Frank
  2. Accessible MIDIBox Lite

      Hi, I'm a blind musician and A MIDIBox Lite looks like a good solution for me, but I'd like some advice on a couple of component choices: 1 - Can anybody recommend suitable buttons for the GP buttons that have good tactile feedback (i.e. a reliable "click", not a spongy rubber button)? 2 - I'd like to add the encoder option for setting BPM so, again, could anybody recommend a good quality one that clicks around rather than being a smooth action? Many thanks in advance. Tim  
  3. Hi, I'm finishing my MB-6582 and can't find where I messed up. Encoders work, LEDs work, buttons work but don't do what they should do. Third bottom button for example makes third horizontal LED line blink, and LED's go on and of everywhere every time I push a button (LCD menu also changes) Encoders work fine. With the matrix test every LED lights up except the Control Env LED. When I push buttons nothing happens en the LCD. No shorts on the U20, 5V on the pins coming from JD5 and 10kOhm to 5V on every pin. I have not used the BC547 transistors and have bridged across. But that should work, right? Will be great full for any insights! Cheers FC
  4. Hi, i have some MBHP for MIOS8 and i will use like clockbox. But i missing TAP button for setting BPM. Im looking for solution. I have idea, for best measure accuracy between pushes, i will use pin 15 (RC0) with timer capture function. For clockbox is not necessary hardware and its free to use. But, i dont know, and i cant find, is that timer free to use in capture mode for calculating BPM? Im trying study C and ASM code and i cant find anything. I thing, is not used and i can use it, but. Please give me some advice first, if you have idea how to solve it clearly, or im on a good way to do it. Mabe is not necessary to use something like external interruption in pin 15. I will use standart DIN pin with 74HC595 just for start and stop measure of BPM. 
  5. UPDATE - In the meantime, I have managed to sort this by setting up bookmarks for the buttons in question and then saving the pages t the bookmarks ------------original message ---------------- Sorry to have to lean on the community once again...I have spent a day trying, trust me !   I have finally decided on a new front panel layout that suits my needs better than the (premade) midibox that I am using... I have managed to use the MIOS file browser to setup many buttons to do what I want them to do ( changing the pause button to a dedicated record button for example ) however, there are a few pages that are themselves, nested in other pages ( Echo / Human / Scale ...all within FX for example)   I wondered if it is possible to use a single button to DIRECTLY go to these sub pages , for instance I press a button on the front panel and it brings up the ECHO page (  the one with track/echo on/repeats/delay etc etc ) directly, rather than, as I am now, having to press the FX page ( which I CAN find as a direct button) and then have to use the GP buttons to select the NEXT page down??   If someone can let me know one example of how to do this and where that reference is located, I am sure I could then sort out the other "sub menu buttons" that I would like to have. thanks   Phill
  6. Hey MIDIbox community, first of all I want to thanks everybody participating in this project, since utilizing from the MIDIbox project really saved me a lot of time. In 2014 I started working on my DIY MIDI controller LambdaControl and can now proudly say that it is finished. I designed and build LambdaControl to support me during my upcoming live performances. Therefore, the controller consists of 10 channel that are fully integrated into Ableton Live. Each channel consists of a volume fader, six buttons for clip selection, four rotary potentiometers for effects, and an encoder with switch button functionality (could be used to control a looping mechanism). The normal components like the potentiometers or encoders are simply scanned by using the AINSER64 and DIN modules with a custom MIOS32 firmware. However, the special part of LambdaControl is the custom 10x6 RGB button matrix (based on button pads from Sparkfun), which is completely integrated into Ableton Live like a Novation Launchpad. For this purpose I connected a separate micro controller unit (MCU) via I2C to the MIDIbox core, which drives the RGB leds and reads the button inputs. The matrix MCU (16MHz Arduino Nano) can produce up to 4096 different colors by driving the matrix with a combination of multiplexing and Bit Angle Modulation (BAM). The matrix MCU still uses the shift registers of the DIN and DOUT modules to connect to the matrix rows and columns. This works really stable in the given scenario, but my implementation has some drawbacks like a low refresh rate or a relatively high input lag for the buttons (more in the documentation). This problems can be easily solved by using a MCU with more power or using a specialized IC like a TLC5958. However, it was a nice challenge to do everything in software on a limited hardware. Moreover, the parts used for the matrix MCU were with around 4€ really cheap. Additionally, I written a so called MIDI Remote Script, which integrates the by MIDI messages controllable RGB button matrix into Ableton Live. The MIDI Remote Scripts are python scripts that Live internally uses to integrate the different commercial MIDI controllers. The following picture shows that LambdaControl can be selected as every other control surface inside Live's preferences. The other screenshot shows the red rectangle that Live is rendering to visualize the position of LambdaControl's clip launcher that can be moved up and down by using the encoder on the master channel. I decided to release all files under open source licenses, such that other people can make us of my work. First of all you can find a complete documentation with more information and pictures on my website. Then I created four repositories on github for the different parts: Repository for the hardware related files like the faceplate or the 3D printable case MIOS32 firmware for the MIDIbox core Matrix MCU Firmware for the separate micro controller that drives the RGB matrix MIDI Remote Script for Ableton Live that integrates LambdaControl into the DAW I hope this information can help other people with their projects.
  7. Good evening everybody ! I found back 20 clickable detended rotary encoders, wich have 3 pins on bottom for the 'spin' and 2 pins on top for the click (bourns branded if i remember well). My question is the following : with a 1n48 diode security, could i handle the click (SPST) of my rotary encoder as a button on a DIN module? thanks in advance, regards
  8. Driving RGB LED BLM

    Hi there ! A simple question with maybe a complicated answer: - Is there a simple way to drive rgb LEDs , to make a multicolor BLM ? From what i understood  DOUT module only provides ON/OFF outputs and AOUT module seems to be more designed to drive old analogic synths than LED. Thanks in advance for your answers , this subject may have already been covered but i did not found the answer simply. regards, JK
  9. TL1240 Illuminated Switch

    Hi folks, In the Wilba BOM docs there is this sentence. Can someone tell me what the actually means? I understand they are 8.2mm (seems small) and that the gap (10mm) and panel (3mm) means they would actually be below the panel surface. How would this work? Does this mean you can't actually install the encoders at all in order to bring the 10mm gap down?
  10. wilba panel button issue

    first of all: thanks to TK for all your great work!!   so i finally got a seq v4 and soldered everything yesterday.   i got a MBHP_CORE_STM32F4, Wilba SEQ CS board and MBHP_MIDI_IO. i used the wilba MBSEQ_HW.V4 file without any changes and the newest firmware version (088)   no magic smoke after the first power up, but not all the buttons are working. only step  6,7, 10 ,11 of the step buttons are working and some of the other buttons also do nothing. (i didnt check which ones exactly, because i am unfamiliar with the user interface and never sure if every button should do something in the menu page i am in)   the encoders all work fine.   i didn't solder the leds yet, because the panel is not ready and it will be easier to get them in the right position if i do them later.   i did check the solder joints visually and the orientation of the ics on the CS Pcb -no obvious problems there. my roommate also build a unit for himself and we sourced all the parts together. his unit has the exact same problem. thats why i think it is not a simple solder error like a short or wrong orientation of some part. (because that would be unlikely to happen twice.)   please help me with troubleshooting. i don't really know where to start looking.   i am a midibox noob by the way. (only did a seqv4lite in the past) so it is probably a noob mistake...  
  11. LED button switch - TC011

    Hey guys   I evaluated an LED backlit push button switch for my Synth project. Well Buying's TC011-A S4 T turned out to be the perfect switch for my needs:         Although called tact switch, it feels more like a push button switch with a smooth pressure point and doesn't have the distinct click of a membrane switch. It's more like a Marquart but with a stronger spring resistance and a more defined switching point. The cap is 11x11 mm, translucent with a white diffusor cap inside (other versions with only square white caps are also available), as well as an ergonomic indent. There are different color options as well as duocolor and RGB available. Unfortunately, the duocolor version (colors can be chosen freely, as far as I know) is a bidirectional setup, where the LED has to be adressed by switching the polarity of the two leads.   The switches can be obtained relatively cheap directly from the manufacturer Wellbuying from China. For a lot of 100 pcs, I paid only USD 0.78 a piece for a single color version.   If anybody is interested, I can post pictures of the yellow as well as the orange version in action. I also have a contact, if somebody needs switches. Meanwhile, they are also available through Mouser, but for a much higher price.     Find an individually addressable four button PCB eagle schematic for single LED type TC011s including the part library:  LEDSwitch_Matrix_0.7_4.brd LEDSwitch_Matrix_0.7_4.lbr LEDSwitch_Matrix_0.7_4.sch Important: In case you want to use these PCBs in conjunction with a Schaeffer frontpanel with standoffs (no through hole), the mounting holes on the PCB need to be further apart as the glued on standoffs have quite a large base which otherwise interfer with the routed holes for the buttons.
  12. known button?

    Anybody know what a Button is used here:     Best regards novski