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  1. [closed] WTB Quad IIC Midi PCB

    Found one .. .
  2. [closed] WTB Quad IIC Midi PCB

    Hi All, I ordered a QUAD IIC_MIDI MODULE BOARD a while ago at smashtv but didn't receive anything and mail is not answered so i was wondering if anyone else has a spare Quad IIC pcb lying around. I know Tim is quite busy but i want to finish my Midibox ;) My location is the Netherlands. Cheers! Niels  
  3. [closed] WTB Quad IIC Midi PCB

    Yes already cut and ordered all the parts needed for the board so i am looking for the Smashtv PCB with the 6 outputs ..   Thanks for the offer anyway! 
  4. [SOLD] clean MIDIO and Quad IIC pcb

    Heya, Ik heb intresse in de Quad IIC PCB. Heb je hem nog liggen? Groetjes, Niels
  5. Spullen bestellen bij SmashTV

    Hey leuk! kom zelf ook uit Alkmaar, zie net je locatie langskomen :)  
  6. SEQ4 Heidenreich Case Bulk 2014 / 2015

    2. enveevee | 1 | NL |15,99 € | 1,9% |118,19  € |
  7. SEQ4 Heidenreich Case Bulk 2014 / 2015

    I am also curious about if there is a batch #4 coming up since i am really interested in this great case design.