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  1. I don't use a MAP with 24 values, i'm using the interpolation MAP as described in my setup : #using an interpolation map to define the velocity curve MAP1/BYTEI 0:0 40:24 71:52 100:85 127:12
  2. I don't limit anything, i've just reported 24 different velocity values in midiboxng with my settings.
  3. aurel33

    MIDIbox KB

    Hello, a quick suggestion for midibox KB, i guess it would be relevant to include the MAP feature in the midiboxkb, as it's really useful for adjusting keyboard velocity. Cheers!
  4. If it can helps, I'm using midibox ng and i'm getting 24 different values on fatar tp 40m, but i'm using the map feature. I also used MidboxKb for a long time and i was sometimes getting some stuck notes. Then i switched to midibox ng when the MAP feature was added, everything is now working great, i really can't explain the problem i had with with midiboxkb. # reduce number of SRs for faster scan # with 2 SRs the scan takes ca. 500 uS instead of 2.5 mS SRIO num_sr=2 # keyboard configuration KEYBOARD n=1 rows=12 dout_sr1=1 dout_sr2=2 din_sr1=
  5. Next step, i'm trying to make my AINSER8 module work, i followed the schematic of the midibox kb thread,and connected my sustain pedal but i'm only constantly getting this message in midi in: [13027.175] b0 40 13 Chn# 1 CC# 64 = 19 [13027.185] b0 40 12 Chn# 1 CC# 64 = 18 [13027.190] b0 40 13 Chn# 1 CC# 64 = 19 [13027.200] b0 40 13 Chn# 1 CC# 64 = 19 -Red led is on. -Jumper J4 is on 1. -Connected the sustain pedal to J6.A0 i've used the following command: set kb 1 ain_sustain 1 [13004.399] Keyboard #1: Sustain Pedal assigned to J5.A0! The weird thing is that on the schematic and PCB
  6. aurel33

    MIDIbox KB

    As for velocity curves, is there a way to tweak them in midiboxkb ? A bit like in Pianoteq, where you can specify velocity range ie "Velocity = [0, 1, 14, 27, 43, 54, 66, 91, 125, 127; 0, 0, 7, 28, 64, 87, 102, 120, 127, 127]" [input:output]format. https://www.pianoteq.com/velocity_curves Thanks!
  7. Now working perfectly !! It was the cable from the adapter to the keybed that was reversed... I guess all my cables were reversed, i'm so stupid... I'll post a picture of the whole rig when done, i guess it will help other newbies like me. Tk, FantomXR, thank you so much. Now, time to tweak velocity curves, fantomxr do you have some recommendations? Cheers,
  8. So, i've tested my setup with a fatar tp20 and fatar tp40, the result is exactly the same, so the keyboard is not involved. Tk, i have one question, I want to be sure my outputs are working and i wasn't able to use your output testing method, could you confirm it's the right way to test it: I0 ----- (anode)DIODE ------ O6/O7 ? Thanks!
  9. Hmm i don't think so, as i said i connected it to a sl880 motherboard and it worked perfectly.
  10. i'm using a fatar tp40m from a nord keyboard. ps: i've tried it on a sl880 board and it worked.
  11. Thanks TK! making progress! Tk > i wanted to test the outputs with your method, i've used a diode 1N4148 between I0 and O6, then I0 to O7 and didn't receive any signal(anode on I0 and cathod on Ox). As for the midibox kb setup, I've activated the keyboard debug on and it's really helpfu! What is really intriguing is the fact that the midi output is alternating between six low notes(in green) and two high notes(in red), and that i don't get any input from the lowest octave on the keyboard, and highest octave part of the keyboard. Here's one octave run starting from C1(the second lowest C o
  12. Good news diomatrix input is now working! The keyboard is working too ! By the way, my cables for the dio to adapter were working(they were 1:1) However, still have some problem : my keyboard is only active on 61 keys and outputs one step higher, but it may come from the midikb setup. Edit: Ok i did some more tests with the exact same midiboxkb setup, i must have screwed again on the cables or adapter(mk-10 03 + bk10-04 soldered) All along the keyboard, i get a sequence of right notes for 6 keys and then two keys are screwed and so on for 61 keys. For example, on my keyboard : Lowest F output
  13. Thanks for your patience and support guys! I don't know why i wanted pin1 to be always pin1, i had all the cable wrong... So one twisted cable from core to dio, and two straight cable from dio to adapter, well still not working but at least i guess i have the cables right now. I think i'll replace the ICs, i may have killed one with my wrong wiring... So did another
  14. Yes, the socket orientation is reversed on chris pcb, i guess he did it to have a straight cable. Anyway i did a twisted cable and connected it, tried Vss to I0, still no input in mios, i'll check all my solders tomorrow, i also may have damaged some components if i connected the cable the wrong way :(
  15. Well i don't understand, i used this picture from diomatrix page to make my cable : The cable at the right on my picture is the same to me, i don't see the difference :(
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