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  1. @Hawkeye Thanks for the detailed information. A member on the forum has PM'd me & so the possibility of a v4+ built has increased a little! All the best everyone LongShoreDrift
  2. So very interested in this! Is there a list of all parts required anywhere or will everything be stocked in the midiphy shop to enable a full build? I know its probably the wrong time & thread for it but, if anyone is willing to build one for me I will pay for all parts etc & obviously pay for the labour involved to complete the SEQ v4+. Amazing work to everyone involved !
  3. Looks amazing! Really interested in this v4+ how difficult would the build be? I have very basic soldering experience
  4. @Smithy Thank you for getting back to me. It happens on every page same LEDs lit. @latigid on Thank you for replying too, I only have the Wilba HW file released as part of latest firmware package. (I removed the previous .91 Wilba HWfile) I tried uploading the standard_v4 & the tk MBSEQ_HW.V4 files to see if the LEDs stay on the steps like before, The outcome no LED's are not on any of the steps. (Not sure if this helps a diagnosis at all) I uploaded the latest Wilba HW file & they are back! I am not sure, where to go from here. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance All the best
  5. Hi all, I have a problem, I can't find away to switch the red LEDs off on step 1,5,7,9,11,13,15 on the sequencer, they are constantly on even when inputing notes. I have not used the sequencer in a few months & switched it on today & can't recall the lights been on constant before. I have updated the firmware to the latest V4.92 & it still happens. It is probably something really simple & I have just forgotten, well I hope it is! Here is a pic showing what I mean. Hoping someone will be able to help me out. Thanks in advance All the best
  6. I've been hoping something like this might be about. The manual seems clear & very understandable to me so far. Nice work & Thank you for your time & efforts with this, it is well appreciated!
  7. Good news! That seems to have possibly fixed the issue, fingers crossed. I followed exactly as you directed. MIOS Software shots below. Here is the Terminal informations if needed. MBSEQV4.090 terminal info.txt MBSEQ memory Terminal info.txt I'm guessing it wasn't a bug & it was just me getting use to using MIOS? I really do appreciate your time & effort to help resolve this issue Do you think the issue is now fixed Thorsten? I hope the info can be of some help! Please let me know if you need any more info to continue & proceed. Thank you again I owe you one! Thanks All the best Mike MBSEQ memory Terminal info.txt MBSEQ memory Terminal info.txt
  8. Hi TK, I have gone through usual procedure & uploaded the MIDIO128v3_020 & the USB issue is back again! Here is MIOS terminal information if it helps TK MIDIO128v3020pre2.txt Thanks All the best Mike
  9. Hi TK, Yes, midios128 works without activating bootloader. midios128 midibox via USB connects to PC. I have tried Midibox NG & it has the same USB issue as the Midibox SEQ for me. Here is MIOS terminal information for Midibox NG if this helps Midibox NG.txt Thanks All the best Mike
  10. Hi TK, That sounds good to me about the USB cable, It looks as though it is proper glued on! I have a second computer I can use if need be, no problem. I have just uploaded midio128 HEX via midi, Successfully.USB Connects after power cycle with MIOS software & stand alone USB to PC appears as USB Composite Device driver & MIOS32 installed successfully!! Here is MIOS terminal information from midio128 if it helps TK? midio128.txt I will try midibox NG & get back to you ASAP Thanks again TK All the best Mike
  11. Hi TK, The USB Connection only works with the bootloader when the "user" button is held & "reset" button is clicked once. Soon as the "user" button is let go of, the USB Connection is terminated. No USB connection is established with Midibox SEQ application, except for USB power. I will try some other MIO32 applications now & will report back.. Thanks All the best Mike
  12. Hi TK, Thank you for your reply, The Micro USB cable is an adapter to female USB B that has been glued over on the Micro USB section of the core. I haven't been able to test the Micro cable adapter USB cable properly yet because of the glue, I have tried different Male USB B cables & get the same result. Would using Isopropyl Alcohol be safe to use to remove the glue that covers the Micro USB, so I can test the cable, or is their a better method?. I have un-installed the gm5x64 driver, the MIOS32 Bootloader driver, & the USB Composite Device (midibox) driver. Rebooted PC checked in device manager for any more hidden drivers associated, found nothing else. I powered on midibox through USB to PC, no drivers install or make the "USB Sound" I check device manger for midibox ,MIOS32 drivers nothing. I hold "user" button & then click "reset" button once & keep "user" button pressed, The USB Composite Device (midibox) driver & MIOS32 Bootloader driver install sucessfully, I power cycled the midibox check MIOS software no midi port contact, I check device manager, USB Composite Device (midibox) driver has disappeared, MIOS32 Bootloader driver says, "Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer." I reboot PC, power midibox, nothing apart from power to midibox. The midibox driver is gone & MIOS32 Bootloader driver is enabled in device manager only when the "user" button is pressed & held & "reset" clicked. In MIOS software MIOS32 Bootloader is available in midi ports but command terminal does not respond to any command. When the "user" button is released, contact is lost with PC & MIOS software Checking MIOS file browser this is the response I get. I have updated ST firmware to V2 when checking Bootloader, Bootloader is up to date. Upload of MBSEQV4.090 HEX to midibox went smoothly. The hwcfg file though I can't upload via MIOS32 Bootloader, will try via Midi? I can not find the SD card. Do I create the directory in MIOS file browser if I can access it? The midibox seems to be functioning so far as it should, but without USB driver function.... I'm not sure how to proceed next? Thanks all the best LongShoreDrift
  13. Hi everyone & Happy New Year! I am hoping my problem is very simple to fix! If anyone can help me it would be very much appreciated! I have read quite a few threads to try & find a solution, but I am still unsure of how to proceed as I am a newbie & I am very inexperienced with midibox. The midiboxSEQv4 works fine with current firmware 0.89 apart from usb does not make contact to receive or pass information to computer or MIOS software When I plug my midiboxSEQv4 in by usb to my computer (WIN7x64) nothing happens apart from powering the midibox. I have tried installing the gm5x64 usb driver but it times out when midibox is connected. I have tried a WIN7x32 computer too with the gm5x32 usb driver & I get the same result, time out. In mios software using both Win7x64 & Win&x32 when the SEQv4 is connected by usb, no core/midibox is found in mios software midi ports. If I use midi interface Edirol UM-880, 8 midi ports are picked up In & Out with mios software. Using midi ports 1 In & Out on midibox results in contact with mios software Checking midi on the thread How to debug midi loopback works with midi using my interface UM-880 using mios virtual kb as can be seen below. None of my usb ports are enabled on the SEQv4 if I understand this system information & that is why I can not upload firmware. I can not seem to find the bootloader information using mios software, which from what I understand is what I need to enable usb. When I have reset the SEQv4 using mios software it shows Bootloader mode for may be a second, then loads in to 0.89 firmware. So there must be Bootloader already flashed? Reading the MIOS32 Bootloader for Newbies thread & Experts thread, From what I understand is that if the Bootloader is already present which it seem it is, I shouldn't have to open the actual midibox If I wanted to upload firmware. Possibly fastboot is enabled, stopping upload? How come my usb ports are disabled, when they should be enabled by default? Do I have to follow the instructions on the MIOS32 Bootloader for Newbies thread to achieve the upload of the new MBSEQv4 firmware & to find out what version of Bootloader? Any ideas what I need to do? If any more pictures or info is needed I will try to provide, no problem. Sorry for the newbie questions everyone. Thanks in advance All the best Long Shore Drift
  14. Hi everyone, I am looking for a MIDIbox SEQ V4 (2 Midi In 6 Midi Out) to purchase if possible please? If anyone has one they are thinking of parting with part with, It would be going to a good home. I live near Hull in East Yorkshire in the UK Thanks in advance All the best
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