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  1. Spare Novski's Motorfader Boards

    Anyone want this pile of boards for 50 euros? Shipped anywhere in the world free If not they will be cut up and turned into jewellery by a person that makes such things...
  2. I have some boards for a project that I decided to not begin as I don't have time. I started developing a control surface project but realised I wont finish it in time to use it so I ma getting a ready made surface... sorry! I know its not in the DIY ethos to be so lame, but I'm spending more time building and less time playing! These are Novski's design 5 x usually sold at €16,50 ea  31 x usually sold at €4.40 ea 31 x usualy sold at €2.90 ea 2 x Assembled Motorfader NG boards SOLD   I spent about  €100 on all of the Motorfader boards  so would love something back but I am unsure what is ok and what is not to ask for. I am not a business or anything but some recouping losses would be nice?  These would work with the Motorfader NG Modules for sale now sold. I'm afraid I cannot  devote time to this project and would happily send these to a MidiBox user who would complete the project. Free shipping anywhere.  
  3. Mixing control surface project

    That's the ticket. Thank you... you boys are good! I'll have a read and see what I need to do to get it running finally.  
  4. Mixing control surface project

    That is brilliant news! Thank you. Its just been sitting here for a few years unable to leap that last hurdle. I looked for Stribe but found an unlinked mention in the Wiki but that is all. 
  5. Mixing control surface project

    @Smithythe Arc was a tough, fiddly repetitive build, as was the Stribe. I have a finished 2 x Stribe (the Curious Inventor variant) in the wings which I really need to ask @TK. if he still has any documentation for Midiboxing because its so complete it is just waiting on an Arduino and for me to finish the Multiplexing/SPi shield... and for the people that made it to get me the Max/Msp patch, but they have disappeared. Midiboxing it would be a hardware solution that would break it free of all that Puredata/Max Patching and laptop or proprietary nonsense. I really want to be a finisher from now on.    
  6. Mixing control surface project

    I really like the use of RGB LEDS. 2 x the Soldering gets you an awful lot more. Will you be eventually publishing files that I can use and incorporate? I decided on doing away with a laptop and am looking into incorporating an Intel NUC/SSD/EMC for the DAW into the enclosure. Having just spent a day researching eDP interfaces on 5th Gen i7 NUCs, passive cooling and totally affordable iPad "retina" displays. I'm not out of the drawing phase as yet.  I think I will probably keep using my iPad as a secondary Lemur control surface too. The Inheritors stuff is nice. I am currently listening to him on Marhaba (the collab with Maalem Mamoud Guinia & Floating Points) He is quite cute to look at too and I think him in a dress suit 1930's tux would work wonders on him.... as it does almost any man. I would sit my Arc on top like James did -- admittedly though I cannot afford the toys he has which is why I DIY most things.    
  7. WTB ALPS Faders RSA0N11M9A0K

    I am about to put in an order for bits for my control surface project but trying to save a bit of money here and there so you may have these faders lying about not being used. I also like the notion of parts reuse or restoration. PM me if you have any for sale and what you would like for them. I don't need you to have all 16 (althought hat would be grand) so if you only have a few drop me an email anyway.  I am based in Scotland, UK. Claire    
  8. Mixing control surface project

    I am considering adding more buttons as a variation of 2 x BLM4x16s: 4 small 4mm LED buttons to the right of each fader and 4x medium ones above, (8 per channel) this would do away with the need for a separate ableton or monome-style grid so I can do clip launching from the desk with no need for a secondary controller. By making the button in this way I can reassign them to other more "normal" mixing desk duties when needed. The plan is to carry as little extraneous equipment with me when I need to. It all depends on the amount of I/O I have available to the STFM core and the MF_NG faders. Additionally there is are the LED meters to the left of each fader. Its tight but I am trying to make a largecontrol surface but keep it small. LP4 be aranges as 4 vertically stacked per channel/fader (whhere you would expect arm/write/mute/solo to goes) LP6/LP16 can be sample trigger (a la Ableton) or assigned to control/mute/whatever plugins, logically arranged below the encoders. Its a halfway house between a traditional DAW control surface and a pure performance surface like Julian's Protodeck. Not much out there that seems to be ready made. These are quite nice. A bit $pendy but discounts are available. They also make a nice oval key cap (G Cap) so I can really get the buttons close and compact but with some air between them. (
  9. Mixing control surface project

    The light shapers I made were made from black and white acrylic essentially any solid colour to help keep the LEDs from diffusing as they would in clear acrylic like you have there. I envy people with their own Laser Cutters and Machine tools. I have always dallied with the idea of buying an Epilog Laser a 3d printer and a CNC Mill but I think I will probably join a Makerspace with access to these tools if I need to progress that route. Most of the time I use Schaeffer as I can rapidly work with their software.   Because of this the way I think I will work is work on CAD cut card then make a channel strip. Make sure it all fits and when I am certain it does then mill a whole top sheet. I might try to machine using studs to minimize screws on top. But this is a ways off yet. I still have to work out how many DINS/DOUTs and so on I am going to need. and how it all hooks up into the Core  
  10. Mixing control surface project

    No, thank you for sharing! It always amazes me how much hard work people share so that people like me might ride on their coat tails...   One of the things I have to do is determine affordability when machining. That many small LED rings machined into a top aluminium plate is going to get expensive so I look at ways of implementing it in other ways, in this case the whole ring area could be machined out with a small lip and a plastic disk of smoked plexi pushed into the hole. Ponoko have done "light shapers" so that led shapes are perfect. This is something I did on a Monome Arc build I did while back    
  11. Mixing control surface project

    No, thank you for sharing! It always amazes me how much hard work people share so that people like me might ride on their coat tails...
  12. BLM 16x16+X build guide

    Ok all good reasons. If a new build happens I'll hopefully be on it. I do think you are being a teensy hard towards SMD diodes (but yeah I had a tray of SMD LEDs go that way...ugh). They are just as common as through-hole and just as cheap from experience, but I'm weird and find SMD 1205 and 0805 to be easier than through hole... and so many parts are now in TSSOP over PDIP -- I'm probably in a minority like that... When I get an Eagle file I usually look for ways to convert through hole parts into SMD, it helps make things very slim profile for Skiffs and so on and I can get bigger boards into Eagle's Freemium size (I really really must get a proper licence some day). If you ever have a waiting list for boards I'll be get on it. Thanks for the detailed response
  13. BLM 16x16+X build guide

    Just a question really: why through hole diodes? When building monome kits (the new ones, the slim, grid kid 128) I found the migration from through-hole diodes to SMT to be really very helpful on repetitive tasks (tin pad, heat pad, slide diode into pad, solder other pad: repeat). OK you trade the fiddlyness of small easy to incorrectly invert diodes but there is no bending cutting and board flipping and because of the low profile of SMT parts diodes can go on the silicone side easily enough if needed. @latigid on are you going to make this board available again? I have my work cut out with a project at the moment but I'd be interested in getting back into grids at some point but monome is going in a direction that is a bit eurorack-centric for me and the max-msp/serialosc/computer side of things seems to be slipping a bit. It would be nice to see this branch out to other applications other than the SEQ, has it been used anywhere else that you know?
  14. Mixing control surface project

    I am actually salivating  
  15. Mixing control surface project

    just noticed these are 32 segment RGB? Impressive. Do you have any more details or are you going to be a big tease and leave us wanting more details?