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  1. Questions about using STM32F4 for v1.4

    Hi Peter, Thanks for the clarification! Yes, Sauraen's project looks amazing, but unfortunately well beyond my current skills. Would it be fine then to use one of the PIC18F4685 chips that I have left over from my MB-SID build? I suppose I could save the STM32F4 module for a different project, or sell it for that matter. No big deal.  Regards, Theo 
  2. Hi all,  After having previously built an MB-6582, I thought I'd have a go at building a midibox FM. Following TK's build guide on ucapps, I've built the OPL3, DIN, DOUT, and CORE modules using PCBs ordered from Modular Addict. For the core, I thought it would be fine to use the newer STM32F4 module because it is mentioned as a more modern alternative to the PIC-based one. However, only after finding out more about it (my mistake), I'm now unsure if that was the right choice. I don't want to try to replicate Sauraen's 2.1 version because it looks far too ambitious for me and I need to rely on something fairly well documented and straightforward. My coding skills are very basic, and I just want to use the control surface of TK's 1.4 version.  Is it possible to build the 1.4 version using the STM32F4 without writing or changing a lot of code myself? Or would I be better off using an LPC17 or a PIC-based core instead? I already have some spare PIC18F4685s, but I suppose if I use an LPC17 then I won't have to add a midi IO module later. Is that correct? I appreciate any advice. :-) Cheers, Theo  
  3. pre-programmed PIC 18F4685 for sale

    Hope I'm not flooding the market here, but I also have four pre-programmed PIC 18F4685s for sale.  The price would be what I paid for them from mikes-elektronikseite + shipping. I'm in New Zealand, so it could be good for someone in this corner of the world.
  4. Thanks Zam! I will search more persistently next time!
  5. Hi all, I'm in the process of collecting all the components needed to build a Midibox FM, and I have a few questions about the 14.318 MHz crystal oscillator used on the OPL3 module. If I were to get the one listed by TK on Reichelt I think the shipping (to NZ) would be pretty expensive. Does anyone know where I could find an appropriate oscillator from an alternative source like mouser or ebay (or from a midiboxer with spares)? I'm not that confident about knowing what else might work. It's hard for me to tell, but looking at the pcb layout it seems that it accommodates two different package sizes. Is that correct?  Cheers, Theo
  6. Strange button behaviour

    I managed to fix the problem by... not doing anything special. I just carefully reattached the CS to the front panel, testing the switch as I went. Incidentally, I really hate opening up the unit. Almost every time I do so, I break at least one of the wires on the JD pads. 
  7. Strange button behaviour

    Thanks for the suggestion Goyousalukis. I think I know the firmware you mean. I found this useful though: I've discovered that the problem stops if I completely detach the control surface from the aluminium front panel, which would indicate it's causing a short somewhere. I think I can isolate it and fix it, but It's 3 am now so that'll be a job for tomorrow. 
  8. Strange button behaviour

    Hi all, My beloved MB-6582 has developed a problem with the rightmost menu button, i.e., the one used to select the SAV page. It used to work, but now when I press it, it selects either the ENV or MOD page instead, irrespective of what page is actually shown above it. This means I’m no longer able to save any patches.  Does anyone know what the cause might be? Hardware or software? I’m not sure how to begin diagnosing it.  Thanks in advance for any help. 
  9. [WTB] Heatsinks for SIDs

    Hi Peter, Good point, thank you. I will look into the adhesive thermal paste.   
  10. [WTB] Heatsinks for SIDs

    What if I were to use a nonadhesive thermal paste? Would the paste still keep the heatsinks sufficiently in place or would they be liable to slide off if I move the unit around? 
  11. [WTB] Heatsinks for SIDs

    That is a good option and I have a dremel. If I hadn't placed an order with Retroleum last night I would have gone with that. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. [WTB] Heatsinks for SIDs

    I'm looking to buy 8 to 10 low profile heatsinks, such as the Fischer Electronik ICK 28 B, which would be suitable for the SID chips within an MB-6582. The only places I've been able to find them are Retroleum (which sells 24 pin versions) and German sites (Bürklin / Reichelt) where the quoted shipping cost of ~€42 to send to New Zealand seems a bit excessive. Does anyone have a few spares they could sell with reasonable shipping prices to NZ? Cheers, - Theo
  13. A new MB-6582 is born

    Ah! *headslap* I've seen that photo before, but I failed to notice the wiring at the pot. Thanks so much!  
  14. A new MB-6582 is born

    Now I'm really confused. In all the pics I've seen it looks like the three pins of the pots are wired directly to the three header pins. Is something further necessary? Apologies for the noob questions, I'm just trying to understand how it works. 
  15. A new MB-6582 is born

    Thanks Jaytee. Like you, I also had the problem that my LCD backlight wasn't dimming, but thanks to your thread earlier this year I learnt about the workaround with jumping B+ and B- with an LED. I'm already thinking about upgrading to an OLED. In addition to my question about the jumping filter cutoff values, I'm also wondering what exactly are the feedback pots supposed to do? I've used dual-gang 100K pots, but as far as I can tell all they do is mute the channel when turned hard one way. Am I missing something obvious here?