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  1. Hey guys, I have a sammichSID which I built from kit a few years ago. It's a fantastic device, but I have a few issues which I can't seem to solve. One is that the Arpeggiator doesn't seem to change direction. It only ever seems to go "Up" no matter how many times I change it to "Down" or any of the other settings. Also, how can I tell if both SIDs are working? Are they both working when I get stereo output? Are the two SIDs required for stereo output, or can stereo output be achieved with only one SID? My sammichSID seems to have stereo output, and the green LEDs at the top move up and down at different rates on the left and the right. Does this mean both SIDs are working? Thanks in advance, Squinton.
  2. Hello everyone, I have an original unbuilt sammichSID kit for sale. I prefer to sell this to someone in the MIDIBox community.  Originally purchased from Jason Williams(Wilba) in December of 2012. I would like $225 USD for it plus shipping. Contact me to work out the details. I could post it to ebay but there will be a slight upcharge for ebay's fees. 
  3. I have a number of pre-programmed PIC 18F4685 for sale, already flashed with the latest MIOS. I recently flashed them to help out a fellow MIDIbox community member building an MBSID, but who is not responding to PMs anymore... Shoot me a PM if interested, asking price is 7,50€ (what I payed) per piece plus shipping. I am located in Germany. Regards, ilmenator
  4. Extra wires for core

    Hi I'm having trouble getting my core module working. I notice on the wiring instructions 2 extra wires are to be added to the core pcb. What pins do these 2 wires connect to? Thanks.
  5. Hi Im at the stage of soldering the cables before 1st power up. What pins does iic midi module connect to which pins on core module please? Thanks.
  6. Please where is the link to the bootlader firmware hexfile for burning on to the PIC18F4685 with the MBHP burner? Thanks.
  7. Hello all,     i am finally after 5 years coming to the point of trying to finish off my SID module :) Since i got a lot of nanoSIDs and now trying to build a full 10 SID chip device, yeah :)   I have a question, since, in my humble opinion, the documentation is quite not good, sorry to say so, but I am missing a lot of documentaiton on the schematics, for me the best of coourse would be to have some eagle pcbs files or at least double layed brd and sch files as gif or pdf, to controll all the values.   But what i am really missing big time is some real schematic of my mb6582 modules.   Here is my first question:   in each core module there is a Diode on Pin 35, it gives 5 V thru the pull up? R80 which should be 1k.   Where can i possibly find that in any schematic? Or to put it another way, does anyone have a full schematic of the modular addict mb6582 PCBs?     Would appreciate any help, otherwise i will maybe continue to post my built process. cheers, seb
  8. MB-6582 - bought

    already bought one.
  9. I just wanted to file, that I successfully build the newest version of JSynthLib on Mac OsX 10.9 Mavericks, it even runs in multiple instances. I build it with intellij IDEA 16.2 and Java JDK using Maven as the build,package tool. I tested it with some units and everything works just fine. For those still using it, or needing an editor for the SIDbox V1 (like me) on Mac OSX, here it is as exectuable jar. I hope this sticks to the GNU rules uploading it here. It's build from following source:Tree [a4a9e3] .. You will need Mac OSX JAVA Version form ORACLE: .. I tested it on two Macs, with OSX 10.9 Mavericks and 10.11 El Capitan. IMPORTANT: There seems to be no way to upload zip,rar or jar files here. So here's a dropbox with the JAR for Mac OSX: .. Have fun editing! I have done a branch of an older version, beautifying the gui and implementing : * M1 driver (but no editor) * ESQ-1 driver update, so that it can actually get and store Patches automatically (but no editor) If someone is interested, I can dropbox this too.   Cheers  
  10. WTB SammichSID

    Anyone have one and willing to post to Australia?  
  11. WTB SammichSID

    Anyone have one and willing to post to Australia?  
  12. Wanted: MIDIbox SID V2

    Hi there,   i am looking to buy a MIDIbox SID V2. If someone has one for sale, hope to hear from you! Thanks!
  13. [WTB] Any Midibox SID

    Looking for any old Midibox SIDS you have moved on from. If you have one sleeping in dust, get at me with some info and price. Some pics would be nice too. Thanks.
  14. sammichSID for sale

    Hey all, I have one of my two sammichSIDs up for sale. It's complete and comes with an Australian plugpack. I'm downsizing my setup and getting rid of a few things that are excessive. It's got green LEDs and 2x 6582a SIDs (I think, will double check). It has only been used in my home studio and has not been gigged or around smoke etc. Am looking for $250AUD for the lot.   Get in touch here if you're interested. Will try and post a photo or two when I get home.    
  15. Hallo, ich bin neu bei MIDIbox und wollte eine MIDIbox SID V2 bauen. Jedoch finde ich keine konkrete Liste von Teilen die ich beim Bau einer ganzen Midibox Sid V2 brauche. (preis ? ca 200€ ? ) Das einzige was ich fand waren listen für die Minimal Version oder der sammichSID version / mb_6582 Version. Ich will jedoch diese Version Bauen    Ich kann gut Löten und hab auch ein einigermaßen gutes Grundwissen über Elektronik.   Versteh ich etwas falsch oder warum finde ich keine Details? (Suche seit 1 Woche auf den Seiten)   -Steffen    
  16. bonjour a tous , j'ai récupéré une sammichSID dérniérement et je viens de me rendre compte en lisant le manuel que j'ai quelques problémes. Alors dans un 1er temps dans le menu clock je n'ai que sid, bpm et mod d'affiché, il me manque out, je comprends pas pourquoi je ne l'ai pas. Ensuite l'autre probléme que j'ai remarqué est assez étrange, cela concerne toujours l'affichage mais ce coup ci c'est lorsque je suis dans la fonction sid il y a affiché 1 puis 3 étoiles aprés le 1, alors que dans le manuel on voit écrit 1 suivi de 3 petits traits et lorsque justement je veux séléctionner une des deux sid ça ne bouge pas, c'est toujours pareil 1 suivi de 3 étoiles. Je tiens à préciser aussi que lorsque j'ai récupéré la sammichSID je l'ai ouverte pour regarder dedans et j'ai bien fait car la j'ai été outré de voir une des pattes de la 2éme puces qui n'été pas rentré dans la socket, cette patte était complétement pliée!!! Du coup j'ai sortie la 6581 et éssayé de la redrésser correctement j'ai réussi, j'ai remis la 6581 dans sa socket mais toujours le même affichage au niveau de la selection de la puce sid je me demande si ma sammich ne marche pas sur une seule sid ? Je remercie d'avance toutes personnes pouvant m'aider! Merci    Coordialement damien
  17. Midibox SID - Wiring it all together

    Hey everyone! I have been working on my SID synthesizer for the past couple months. I have the Core and SID modules (that I got from SmashTV) assembled, and my parts for the minimal control surface finally came in the mail.   I have attached images of the 2x20 LCD that I will be using. The problem I am having is that I do not know where to go to find documentation on how to wire this display up so that it will function with the rest of my modules. I bought it assuming that these universal displays have some sort of standardization. Given that you guys have set up an LCD display before what would you suggest?   Now for the power supply. I am going to find an old C64 power supply for sale (the commodores I ordered did not come with them) and follow this schematic:   The ground, J2, and J3 go to an audio Jack but I don't plan on using one. I want to use the midi out to connect to my computer where I hope to control my synthesizer in Propellerhead Reason 7. Before I deviate from the documentation I wanted to ask your opinion on this change to the design.   Thanks in advance!      
  18. velocity

    Hi guys.   I created account to ask you something. I've just get a midibox of unknown origin. Connected and tried to learn my keyboard a few ccs. On the cc chart i can see thare should be a velocity but this box don't  understand velo at all. Is this a construction, program or what issue?   I hope this isn't any stupid question but I'm not any ingeneer, just wanna play this gear.   Thanks in advance