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  1. SEQ CS board

    Thanks for that, I'll keep an eye on your development.
  2. SEQ CS board

    There is indeed a great amount of information to assimilate. Some thing are a bit confusing, going back and forth between different pages, blogs and the wiki is quite a task. I keep coming back trying to work my head around where to start, where to get the pcb's and so on. if anybody can help: i can't  work out if there is a harware diference between the seqV3 and V4? sells seqV3 but the Control surface pcb doesn't seem to be included. Any hint would be very much appreciated  cheers Christian
  3. report construction SEQ v4 wilba FR

    Hi, do you produce or sell pcd's? CS pcb is not available at smashtv site. cheers Christian
  4. SEQ CS board

    I'm interested too but still sold out on the midibox shop.
  5. WTB: SEQ V4 CS PCB unpopulated

    Hi, did Lisa get in touch? I'm interested in a SEQ V4, tried on midibox shop but there sold out. cheers Christian