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  1. Hi Folks ! My LCD problem is solved, my E131 sd card problem seems to be solved......No I'm facing a wilba frontpanel problem... I created the attended directory tree on the SD card: - file MBSEQ_HW.V4 (Wilba's one) at the root of the SD - directory SESSIONS and DEFAULT session created via MIOS terminal Booting the MB lead me to this weird screen: G1:Unnamed             G2: Unnamed           G3: Unnamed           G4: Unnamed NoCat 1: A1 _ _ _ _  NoCat 2: A1 _ _ _ _   NoCat 3: A1 _ _ _ _  >>> NoCat 4: A1 _ _ _ _  Typing sdcard tells me there is no MBSEQ_BM.V4 at the root. So I copied the /SESSIONS/DEFAULT MBSEQ_BM.V4 at the root of the sd and I now get this screen: MIDIbox Seq v4.092               1.1.1                  /SESSIONS/DEFAULT                140.0BPM     Bookmarks              About this MIDIbox<     Open Save SaveAs New Delete        Info The About this MIDIbox< is slightly flickering on the rightmost of the left LCD display... Anyway...I'm pretty sure the wiring is correct but I can't get out of this screen, whichever button or encoder I press.... Could this non responsive frontpanel come from a badly tuned MBSEQ_HW.V4 file ? Which options have to be modified for a "traditional" wilba's frontpanel (with beat led) and no tpd setup.... Cheers, Tom.    
  2. [SOLVED] Wilba's Frontpanel not responding

    The problem was indeed that my RNs were not fed with 5V.... Thanks to all of you for helping me spotting the problem ! Everything seems to work like a charm now...Waiting for my frontpanel to buil the enclosure and send some pictures on the forum ! Cheers dudes !
  3. [SOLVED] Wilba's Frontpanel not responding

    Problem solved Guys !! Thanks for the troobleshooting ! My RN common pins were missing a 5V feed.....Now everything seems top work (well...I'll dig that in detail from now on but the Frontpanel is responsive ) Thanks again !
  4. [SOLVED] Wilba's Frontpanel not responding

    Resistance between common pin of the RN and each other pin is 10k. I'll double check the schematic tomorrow..and send pictures as soon as possible.. Thanks guys
  5. [SOLVED] Wilba's Frontpanel not responding

    Oh and what does exactly mean "isolated network" ?
  6. [SOLVED] Wilba's Frontpanel not responding

    I used these ones: SIL 6-5 10K
  7. [SOLVED] Wilba's Frontpanel not responding

    Thanks for the schematic ! I've been looking for it over and over without finding it... Seems like none of my RN common pins are connected to 5V....Must investigate this !
  8. [SOLVED] Wilba's Frontpanel not responding

    Ok....RN solders seem fine, continuity is fine with the IC pins too.... There is continuity between all ground pins of the RN, but no continuity between RN ground pins and CS board ground....For eg, there s no continuity between C1 "negative pin" (I know C1 is not polarized but this pin is connected to IC 1 ground and thus to CS board ground) and common pin of RN1... I'd like to know if this Is this normal before soldering a cable to have continuity between RN common pins and CS board ground and potentially ruin my MB even before it has worked ! The 1 000 000 000 $£€ question is: Do all resistor network common pins have to be connected to CS board ground pin ??  
  9. [SOLVED] Wilba's Frontpanel not responding

    That's the one I uploaded via MIOS
  10. [SOLVED] SD card error E131

    OK, I think we can consider the SD card Problem solved since I now get a default screen when booting up my MB seq. The solution was : - to copy wilba's MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the root of the SD card file system - to create the /SESSIONS/ directory then create a DEFAULT session using MIOS terminal. See you in my next post....
  11. [SOLVED] SD card error E131

    Hi folks ! Now that my LCD display work fine, I'm trying to get my wilba frontpanel to work... Precision: everything is soldered on the CS pcb, except the leds (I'm waiting for my frontpanel to be delivered).... When the CS pcb is NOT plugged in, I don't have any error message whether I put standard's, TK's or Wilba's MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the root of my fat 32 formatted SD Card. Turning the MB on leads me to the main page as shown here . With the wilba's MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the root of my SD card, when I plug the CS PCB (from J1 on the CS PCB to J8/9 on core module), I get this error: >> |!! SD CARD ERROR !! |<< >>| E131 (FatFs : D  0)      |<< I learned german at school, but this is kind of a long time ago, so I may have misunderstood this discussion . : TK said: "E131 steht fuer ein ungueltiges Bank Format (irgendetwas stimmt nicht mit den MBSEQ_B*.V4 Files in Deiner Session)" This E131 means there is something wrong with my MBSEQ_B*.V4 in my session.....The fact is that my SD card only has the MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the FS root....No /SESSIONS directory or else...When I type sdcard in the MIOS termial, I only get MBSEQ_C.V4 and MBSEQ_HW.V4 files listed as valid (the output of sdcard tells me there is no /SESSIONS/DEFAULT/ files etc.) The previously quoted topic talks about a D9 error.....but I get a D0 error....and no luck with any search in the forum or the web... Any idea of what could have gone wrong ? Cheers, Tom.
  12. [SOLVED] SD card error E131

    OK, no more SD card error after your tips EsotericLabs. Thank you. Now, when booting up my MB, the LCD display this page: G1:Unnamed             G2: Unnamed           G3: Unnamed           G4: Unnamed NoCat 1: A1 _ _ _ _  NoCat 2: A1 _ _ _ _   NoCat 3: A1 _ _ _ _  >>> NoCat 4: A1 _ _ _ _  Is this normal ? No matter which button I push, no response from my MB...    
  13. [SOLVED] SD card error E131

    Ok. I formated the SD card via MIOS studio...still no luck ! The same error message appears and I can't do anything...
  14. [solved] LCD Problem

    Yes ! My New Haven LCD displays work ST7066U controller is HD44780 compatible ! Now I get another problem, but that will be in another topic ! Thanks everybody for pointing me to the RN error... Cheers.
  15. [solved] LCD Problem

    Hi folks, I'm building my seq V4 and am facing a major problem: my LCD displays only show a row of black squares... I'm building a wilba frontpanel. The MBHP bootloader is in my STM32F4 board: MIOS Studio tells: Operating System : MIOS32 Board : MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 Core Family : STM32F4xx Chip ID: 0x10076413 Serial: #320041000D51353235363632 Flash Memory Size: 1048576 bytes RAM Size: 196608 bytes MIDIbox SEQ V4.092 MIOS Studio proposes 4 Midi Ins and outs for the Midibox (named MIDIbox SEQ V4, MIDIIN2 (MIDIBox Seq V4), MIDIIN3 (MIDIBox Seq V4) and MIDIIN4 (MIDIBox Seq V4). MIOS Studio is also able to see what's on my SD card, but it seems like the core board can't read neither the wilba MBSEQ_HW.V4 nor the standard MBSEQ_HW.V4 files which are located at the root of my SD card (when I try to edit the MBSEQ_HW.V4 with the MIOS File browser, I get an "Invalid response from MIOS32 core during read operation" after about 14% of the file has been downloaded) I must add that my frontpanel isn't completely finished yet, so nothing else than the LCD displays are plugged on the MBHP_core_PCB (bought on smashTV shop). This is the LCD I bought and its datasheet. It seems like the LCD for the seq V4 must use a HD44780 controller. The ones I got uses a ST7066U  controller but are said to be compatible with HD44780... I tweeked the contrast and luminance pots but none of my tries gave any effect on displaying good things... I verified the connections and everything is at its own place (Seq ground to LCD ground, seq Vd to LCD Vd, etc. ) Any idea of what could be wrong ? Cheers, Tom.  
  16. [solved] LCD Problem

    Can anybody tell me if I can modify the title of the thread to add a [solved] ?
  17. [solved] LCD Problem

    Ok guys..... I'm really sorry I kind of wasted your time....The faulty resistor network was the problem.... I built a homemade 1KOhm RN, and the displays work like a charm !! Thanks again ! Tom.
  18. [solved] LCD Problem

    Damned !! Wrong resistor network...I made a mistake when I bought the parts...This is a 4x10K resistor array....and of course, no 4x1K resistor network in stock at home....Would it be a problem if I put a 4x 220 Ohms resistor network instead ( this one for example ) or if there is no resistor network ? Cheers, Tom.
  19. [solved] LCD Problem

    OK... I'v replaced the 74HC595, checked that the transistor had a "traditional" pinout and that the solders were good (to ground, R12 and R13). I rewired my test screen (2x16 HD44780 LCD) and now all I get is a filled with black squares upper row. No matter of the amount of contrast and luminosity, no character appear...(yesterday's flickering problem might have come from a bad wiring...thanks tireness) I read that a row of black squares could mean that the LCD failed initialization and stays in "setup" mode. This is sometimes due to bad timing (delays) during the initialization procedure. Is there a way to modify this ? My MBHP_Midi_IO module is not plugged in when I do my testing....could that have an influence ? Could I have done something wrong during the bootloader procedure ? Is there a way to check the MIOS is correctly installed (apart from seeing that MIOS studio recognizes the midibox and that it accesses to the SD card ?) Cheers, Tom.
  20. [solved] LCD Problem

    Hello ! I bought the board at Mouser, here is the link.... Is that the good board ? I'll send decent pictures or videos when I come back home too ! Cheers, Tom.
  21. [solved] LCD Problem

    All right....I'm definitevely lost... I just received a 2x16 HD44780 LCD, wired it (checked twice) to the MBHP_Core J15A jumper and what I get is.....a bright blue background.... What surprises me is that when I turn the contrast P2 pot, I can see 2 rows of 16 black squares (The 8 rigthmost squares on row 1 and 2) appear and almost immediately disappear...I need to constantly tweak the Contrast pot to see these squares....So I rechecked the solders of the trim pots and they seem fine. This "flickering when tweeking" thing isn't visible when I use my original LCD : only the upper row is constantly filled with black squares. All connections from the STM32F4 to the IC2 (74HC595) are good... If everything was working, what should I see on this 2x16 LCD display ? Squares ? characters ? Could this come from a faulty BC337 . Many thanks ! Tom.
  22. [solved] LCD Problem

    I've not been clear enough in my first post I think. Both LCD display a first row of black squares. Contrast and rightness are adjusted equally when I turn the pots ! I rechecked all the solders, they look fine. And the wiring is fine too ! @latigid on : Thanks for the link, I'll check that too... ...And I'll buy a 2x16 HD44780 LCD too Thanks men !  
  23. [solved] LCD Problem

    Hi ! It really kind to have taken the time to answer me, but I'm kind of lost with your answers now !! latigid, what do you mean by trying other LCD configs ? Byuing a new one that fits HD44780 standards ? Changing something in the config file ? Looking at this post on the wiki I found: " Additional hints: So long as the operating system (MIOS) hasn't been uploaded via MIDI, the LCD won't be initialized and shows black bars at the upper line. If you don't see these bars, adjust the contrast pot. The highest contrast can be achieved with V0=0V (you can adjust this voltage with the trimpot P2). " This is exactly what I see (black bars at upper line)...But I don't get the "[...] So long as the operating system (MIOS) hasn't been uploaded via MIDI[...]". I have the MIOS bootloader installed on my STM32F4, I have an accessible and readable SD card (from MIOS Studio) on which I've put the MQSEQ_HW.V4 at the root of the file system... Did I miss something during installation ? Cheers, Tom.
  24. [solved] LCD Problem

    Hi ! The J15_s jumper is set to 5V. In fact, the LCD light up fine, but they just display a first row of black squares....