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  1. Hi Forum,    i have built an old Wilba CS pcb. After finishing i connected it to the wrong port on the stm32f4 core pcb (J4A) instead of J10A.  Then, after recognizing my error, the Seq wont start up - showing flickering (very dim) displays. Disconnecting the CS pcb was needed for the Seq app to start. As soon as i reconnected the CS, the app crashed again, with dimly lit flickering displays.  I then (one after another) changed !all ICs and, after the error was still there, !all resistor networks.  Now the error is still there. It feels like there could be some shortcut somewhere. But i triple triple triple checked everything. That could not be the issue, really.  Now i suspect, connecting to the wrong port, i may have fried an IC cap somewhere.    But i really want to hear some expert opinion on this, before i begin changing them as well.    Hope you can spend a bit of your time and give some thoughts.  Below are some pcb pics as well.  Thank you very much for looking at it.    Best,  FFW  
  2. Hey, reluctantly selling my sammichSID due to financial hardship and not getting much use out of it these days! In great working order with 6582A chips bought from Wilba. Generic power adapter included. Looking for around £300 but open to offers. Item in London but will ship anywhere in the EU. Any questions, fire away! Thanks, Hugh
  3. Hi Folks ! My LCD problem is solved, my E131 sd card problem seems to be solved......No I'm facing a wilba frontpanel problem... I created the attended directory tree on the SD card: - file MBSEQ_HW.V4 (Wilba's one) at the root of the SD - directory SESSIONS and DEFAULT session created via MIOS terminal Booting the MB lead me to this weird screen: G1:Unnamed             G2: Unnamed           G3: Unnamed           G4: Unnamed NoCat 1: A1 _ _ _ _  NoCat 2: A1 _ _ _ _   NoCat 3: A1 _ _ _ _  >>> NoCat 4: A1 _ _ _ _  Typing sdcard tells me there is no MBSEQ_BM.V4 at the root. So I copied the /SESSIONS/DEFAULT MBSEQ_BM.V4 at the root of the sd and I now get this screen: MIDIbox Seq v4.092               1.1.1                  /SESSIONS/DEFAULT                140.0BPM     Bookmarks              About this MIDIbox<     Open Save SaveAs New Delete        Info The About this MIDIbox< is slightly flickering on the rightmost of the left LCD display... Anyway...I'm pretty sure the wiring is correct but I can't get out of this screen, whichever button or encoder I press.... Could this non responsive frontpanel come from a badly tuned MBSEQ_HW.V4 file ? Which options have to be modified for a "traditional" wilba's frontpanel (with beat led) and no tpd setup.... Cheers, Tom.    
  4. Seq V4 Wilba PCB

    Hello all,   I am looking for the PCB for Wilba's front panel. Unfortunately, it is sold out in SmashTV's shop since summer already. Hence my questions:   (1) Does anyone have a spare one I could buy? or (2) If other people are interested in getting one, and I somehow get the Gerber files, should I organise a group buy and have some produced?   I am located in Germany :)    Best wishes and a great start into the new year, Karg
  5. [SOLVED] SD card error E131

    Hi folks ! Now that my LCD display work fine, I'm trying to get my wilba frontpanel to work... Precision: everything is soldered on the CS pcb, except the leds (I'm waiting for my frontpanel to be delivered).... When the CS pcb is NOT plugged in, I don't have any error message whether I put standard's, TK's or Wilba's MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the root of my fat 32 formatted SD Card. Turning the MB on leads me to the main page as shown here . With the wilba's MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the root of my SD card, when I plug the CS PCB (from J1 on the CS PCB to J8/9 on core module), I get this error: >> |!! SD CARD ERROR !! |<< >>| E131 (FatFs : D  0)      |<< I learned german at school, but this is kind of a long time ago, so I may have misunderstood this discussion . : TK said: "E131 steht fuer ein ungueltiges Bank Format (irgendetwas stimmt nicht mit den MBSEQ_B*.V4 Files in Deiner Session)" This E131 means there is something wrong with my MBSEQ_B*.V4 in my session.....The fact is that my SD card only has the MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the FS root....No /SESSIONS directory or else...When I type sdcard in the MIOS termial, I only get MBSEQ_C.V4 and MBSEQ_HW.V4 files listed as valid (the output of sdcard tells me there is no /SESSIONS/DEFAULT/ files etc.) The previously quoted topic talks about a D9 error.....but I get a D0 error....and no luck with any search in the forum or the web... Any idea of what could have gone wrong ? Cheers, Tom.
  6. Hey all,   I experience a problem while assembling my Wilba front panel pcbs for the Seq. While everything worked fine (I had left out the LEDs first), last night I soldered the LEDs and something is wrong with my multiplexing. Among the step LEDs, every even step LED (2, 4, 6, etc) is always on and much brighter that it should be according to the used resistor. Also all LEDs on the left hand side of the board are always one, but much dimmer that they should be. Since I discovered this while testing during the assembly, I stopped and did not solder the LEDs above the start/stop/etc buttons, so I cannot comment on them yet.   Visual inspection of the PCB and its solder points look good. I also reheated all LED solder points by know and carefully checked for bridges among them. As a configuration file, I use the standard file that is suggested for the Wilba panel. Any help indicating me into a direction where to best investigate is appreciated.   Thanks a lot in advance! Best, Karg  
  7. MBseq V4

  8. construction sandwich

  9. Card Layer

    not final ribbon cable!
  10. MBSEQV4

    The LCD are cyan.... there were sells as white... (if i was knowing that the schaeffer character colour will be Cyan not white, must be tested before ordering schaeffer!)

    Looking for a seqv4 pcb to complete my project.   Anyone?   I realize these are rare right now. i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. ;)
  12. Hello,   I soldered the LEDs on a SEQ V4 panel and some of them keep glowing dim when they should be off and one is always glowing very bright. I checked for shorts but couldn't find anything. Then I changed the 74HC595s but I have still the same effect. Debugging is really difficult since I can always measure a voltage between the pins of the LEDs.   The config file is is a copy from here:   According to Wilba's schematic all of the missbehaving LEDs share a connection to Out14 but I could no find a shortcut between this line and other connections on the board.   The Track and Track Group LEDs are less bright if I switch on the step LEDs.   The power source I'm using is a Meanwell RTP-60B with 100kHz switching frequency connected to J2 and on Core STM32. Might there probably an issue with the multiplexing frequency or do you have an idea what could be the root cause? I'm quiet lost and don't know how I can effectively troubleshoot this issue.     Martin  
  13. inductionloop's MB-6582

    Finally got round to taking a couple of pic's, i love the sound of this synth, the step sequencer and mod matrix are fantastic. Really well documented, impressed with the quality of the MidiBox projects.