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  1. Bumping for curiosity... any answer or solution?
  2. This is super, super cool. I'm interested!
  3. OLED displays

    Excellent, thank you! 
  4. OLED displays

    Hey, jumping in this topic with a slight necro-bump. I'm currently assembling the BOM for a new Seq v4 build and am wondering if this is the correct part for a yellow OLED that will be suitable: Also, what other changes to the BOM for the rest of the kit are necessary to accommodate this - do I need to upgrade any of the power supplies or add another one, or regulation somewhere? I've read this thread twice and I'm still confused about which exact components ended up being problematic for folks and what they ended up doing to replace them. It's not easy to get parts around here and shipping to Canada from the states is always expensive so I'd really rather get my BOM right the first time if I can. Thanks for any help or advice you're willing to share!