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  1. Hello @Antichambre , des nouvelles de ton projet HAARP ?
  2. midiphy SEQ v4+ , 100% Like new / Assembled with love and great care. Shipping is possible at the buyer's expense (I'm in France but international shipping is possible.) The Sequencer is equipped with custom keys, ordered in groupbuy on the Forum with Bruno and special switch caps. Sold Ready to use with SD Card - 1300€
  3. Thanks for your reply, actually testing the matrix with seq_r (seq_l either) on CC16 (ch1, with the NG loaded) doesnt seems to work, cant figure out if i'm missing something but i will try again this this afternoon. By the way here's another video of the beast booting up, hope it will help find this little problem
  4. Good morning, everyone, I have a little problem with the dot display of my seq v4+, few month ago, after finishing the assembly i had systematicly the first two lines lighting up at the beggining of a sequence, I had thought about the cable but after changing it it persists. As a video is easier to understand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24E-SRoXB30&feature=youtu.be Any idea where this could come from? thanks!
  5. @Antichambre ah joli ! If you plan making more wooden sides you Can count on me buying one. CNC finish seems really excellent !
  6. Thank you latigid on and antichambre , i'm going to work on it :)
  7. @latigid on Hi everybody, I would like to put a simple on/off switch on the beast. Do you have any advice on wich emplacement i can safely cut a trace to do so ? thanks :)
  8. unfortunally the only shop near is a "proxy market" with only beers and chips (not so bad !) , the closest electronic vendor is like 3hours from where i live. Visibly TME seems the solution , shipping is like 8-9euro, i think its the cheapest around so i will stick with them ^^ thanks guys for your fast answers
  9. Hi guys, i have to order back some cable sockets (mouser parts : 89124-0101, 89116-0101, 89110-0101), unfortunally at mouser they are asking something like 20euro of shipping + vat , its more expensive that parts themselves ! so i'm trying to find alternative for shipping to france but i cant find them at the only shop that i know : conrad (shipping is like 6euros with vat). does anybody have alternative sources for these within france and/or with not too expensive shipping ? thanks by advance
  10. Here's the beast! It was my second diy project and after few hours of hard soldering I can finally enjoy this crazy sequencer ! Big up to Hawkeye for his videos, latigid on for support and TK to make us enjoy the midibox seq :) I was largely inspired by Bruno's mods (thanks for Sharing !) . just have to find a solution to correct the light leak between switches (Big problem imho) / wooden cheeks and everything will perfect ^^ PS : what s/n i should label it ?
  11. Hi and thanks for your answer guys, yes i was thinking about the 16X16 (17x17 ?) , the same as here : if there's a new version coming later this year i will wait patiently for some news then :D
  12. Hello, everyone, I'm considering building very soon a BLM and I was wondering if there were still any PCB vendors around ? also how much do you estimate the cost price of a complete BLM unit ? Thanks !
  13. I'm using these mec Switches/caps also, you dont need to modify anything . Simply use standard leds (3.3v) and you're good.
  14. It just misses a huge and ostensible "MIDIbox SEQ v4 +" at the back on the white part to assert the whole ;) Actually i work at a french adhésive Brandt (GT-Stickers) that make premium adhésives, keep me on Touch if you want, we Can Do that on measure :)
  15. everything is running great now, you were right about IC2 cold joint. I just have the matrix that display "mirrored" text can it come from a backward cable or something like that. ? in any case merci beaucoup for your kindness and your advices, i will finally be able to enjoy the midibox seq ! and it wasn't that easy for noob (second diy project) that was not comfortable with English language :) learnt lot of things !
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