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  1. Hello, I am trying to implement foot controller with some tactile switches. I am trying to capture a button press and send MIDI data. I have trying to use the tutorial polling_j5_pins. I have changed the user button (PA0) to get initialized. I am unable to use the button yet to send a MIDI signal to computer. Where am i missing something to capture button press. The program doesnt enter the if condition shown in second image.
  2. Hello Bruno, Thank you for the quick reply and support. I have followed your instructions and it works perfectly well. I My bad for mot following the instructions perfectly.    
  3. Hello, Thank you for the quick reply. I had renamed the folder as there was a space. Still the problem persists in a different way. I am using Windows 10 and Eclipse Luna as stated in the given steps. I feel I am missing a basic step.    
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to midibox and a beginner at embedded programming. I have followed the instructions but am unable to build the project. It says the make files are not to be found but when I check project in the project explorer the files are very much present. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.