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  1. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    You can really trust this seller, he not only supplies sammichSID kits of very high quality, he also delivers them quickly and he is also very customer friendly. (for example: if you specify when ordering what type of SIDs you have at home, he will configure for you your sammichSID kit so, that you can place your SID's in it without any problems  - like "plug-and-play") For novice MIDIbox Newbies like myself, it's really nice that there are sellers like this exist, and given the positive reactions he already has, and also through my personal experience with him I can advise you that you shoudn't  have to worry in this case, I would order one soon as possible before  he doesn't have them anymore ....
  2. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    Exciting moment...replaced the SwinSID with two original SID's... and it worked! nothing "fake" anymore...great little synth !
  3. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    I will place these two "real" SID's inside....
  4. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    I received my sammichSID from Hong Kong yesterday, It's looking very good, nice metal case, and even jumpers I will carefully open it tomorrow and post the pictures, I ordered the black one with blue LED's , I'm very happy!
  5. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    Thank you very much for your advise and don't worry I will take good care of them, and follow your advise and start with SwinSID first, I order just one Hong Kong SID clone, to try. Hoping that maybe later I can order real sammichSID kit when there will be a new batch? another question: does a copper of aluminium cooling block on those old SID's be a solution to keep them cool and therefore longer life span?
  6. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    :-) or buy 5 Hong Kong Clone's :-) and use them all.... what I mean is whether the jumper system works properly on this hong kong clone, from 9 to 12V, and how exactly it works. I am a bit insecure and afraid that I will mess it up
  7. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

      Hi Dwestbury, Thank you for sharing! I have 10 original SID's laying around here and I love to play with them in a nice synth After I have found out that I "missed the boat" for ordering the orignal sammichSID kit, your info is very value for me I have a question I have multible versions of the SID, I have 8 X 6581 and two  8580R5 Can I place them all without problems in the Hong Kong sammichSID?   I have to following SID's: 6581 CBM 6581 CBM 6581R3 4885 6581R3 4885 6581 CBM 4184 6581 6581 R3 0686 6581R4 8580R5 8580R5
  8. Advise wanted - My first MIDIBox

    Thank you Noise-Generator for your advise, the problem is also that I (and many others :-) have missed the boat because what I understand now, is that the last batch of the sammichSID kit and the MB6582 MidiBox SID is already sold out years ago... Do you know were I can stil buy the complete kit, or PCB's ? has two PCB's of the MB6582, if I buy also a case, then I only need the BOM parts and a front panel right, to make a complete MB6582 MidiBox SID?  
  9. Advise wanted - My first MIDIBox

    Hi all, I am very happy I seem to have 10 SID chips, 8 X 6581 amd two 8580R5's I would like to make two synths with them, one "MIDIBox MB6582" and one "sammichSID" Would this be possible with this SID's I have? I have these SID's: 6581R4 1686 S MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 CBM 4184 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 CBM 4184 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 CBM 1485 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 4982 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 R3 0686 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581R3 4885 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581R3 4885 MB6582 MIDIBox   8580R5 2989 25 sammichSID 8580R5 0388 25 sammichSID I am a total newbie advise how to start is highly appreciated!
  10. Hello, i'm interested, put my demand in the wantlist please