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  1. Thank you Rio, it gives me something to tinker with. and it gives me insight into the difficulties (as Hawkeye mentions) with changing something that is reliant on many other things in code..
  2. Hello! I know this has been brought up before, but I’d like to revisit the idea of “unquantized live recording”. currently the quantize percent basically shows how far off one can be before dropping a value in the current step/prev step. So it’s locked to a hard step position. I know we can up the resolution and track length to kinda sorta work within the system. But that is not ideal for a number of reasons. An idea: when recording midi, if we have the delay parameter assigned on a track, and have quantize set to 0%, it will then drop the played note wherever it was played within the delay parameter resolution. Perhaps a new track format needs to be set up, or perhaps it is a parameter to toggle in the menu. I have no idea if this is at all possible from a programming / code base perspective. But no truly unquantized recording is one of the only missing things of our mighty Seq 4!!!!! Thanks for reading! Steve
  3. Loaded the sysex file, selected the midi output, set the time to 100ms and away it went. -SUCCESS! MIOS Studio for the WIN! now to use this to breathe some new life into my Yamaha FB-01 . . . . ~Steve
  4. Thanks a lot!!! Excited to try when the new old synth arrives. Will report back here. ~Steve
  5. I see the MIOS studio has a basic sysex transfer abilities and a sysex librarian/. Can I use this to send a sysex file (patches /programs) to my Roland JV1010? Or is this set up to only comunicate with MidiBox cores..? Id rather use MIOS than download some other app. since I've got it and use it for my midibox Seq. already. thanks! ~Steve
  6. Here's a simple "cheat Sheet" I made up a while ago and keep handy. May be a good starting point for folks. I add notes to it, go experiment, and then revise the cheatsheet. . ~Steve Seq4+RefSheet.rtf
  7. --Pushbutton of datawheel might be useful as a single bookmark shortcut. For example, the track config page could be accessed with one push. I may try that.. --Or perhaps as a tap tempo entry if you find yourself playing in a situation where tap tempo is used frequently (live band perhaps) --Or howabout setting the footswitch / gate input as a tap tempo source, that only "listens" when the datawheel encoder is held down. So you could have a tempo stream coming in from other instrument or player, and whenever things change up, you hold the encoder down for a few ticks and the tap tempo would be re set... Would be AMAZING if somehow these things could be set on the machine itself. ~Steve
  8. I'm sure with all his involvement he could have built it in his sleep! And probably can use it fluently in his sleep too!! #44.... Have there been many more than 44 kits sold?? Maybe half sit dormant? Took me about a year to get around to building mine. . .
  9. Andran, the layers follow the length of the track. That being said you can modify things layer by layer so they dont necessarily have to be in lock step. Another way to work within this structure is to set up two tracks both to the same midi channel/output of different lengths. put note/gate info on one track, and velocity, etc info on the other. loads of fun. This is how I work often, it leads to great sequences, uexpected results. The nth functions allow you to set up certain behaviors every # of bars, essentially a shortcut to longer evolving pattens... (Kinda sorta mini-song mode)
  10. @Hawkeye Thank you for the thoughtful replies. It is easy to think of future wishes and add ons but at the same time forget about how it would effect everything else. I love the Seq4+, very little I would change! And the fact that I can get into the code and try things myself is pretty amazing. That alone is a "feature" that very few seq's can boast. @flyweightIf I was looking for more humanized recordings I'd use the longer tracks with higher divisions OR the humanizer feature! Also, you can specify your own shuffle parameters, you may find something that gives you YOUR feel.. if you could analyze how your beats groove, you may just be able to create that groove as a template and there ya go. May be worth digging into. At the same time, your experience and learning from building the Seq is not lost if you sell it. You lost time, yes. I'm sure if you put it on the market it will sell pretty quickly. ~Steve
  11. Hey Michael, here's my notes on the ALL button functionality. I have three uses on my "cheat sheet" that I grabbed from the seq 4 beginners guide. . CHNG ALL JUMP: ALL&hold -Turn the cursor step knob. All steps will JUMP to the value of the cursor step. CHNG ALL RELATIVE: ALL press & release -Turn the cursor step knob. All steps will change but relative to their original value. RAMP BTWN: ALL press & release -Turn a non-cursor step knob. Steps btwn. the turned knob and the cursor position will align values in a smooth(er) RAMP. Not sure about your cursor wheel. I know the scales can be definied somewhere on the SD card in a file and they can be used after that.. Enjoy this BEAST of a machine.. Step by step, you'll wrap your head around it. ~Steve
  12. @Elektruck, looks like there is somewhere a v4.097 OS that gives deeper divisions for clock out (CV page)!! https://github.com/midibox/mios32/blob/master/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/CHANGELOG.txt ~Steve
  13. It seems that the quantize percentage is used to decide wether to put the note-on into the step it was received or the next step. I’m guessing based on how far it is from either. The question (solution?) is, (for the coders) why can’t the note-on be put where it falls based on step number plus added “delay parameter” ticks. not that I would use unquantized recording much! But seems possible, and may be desirable for users.. -Steve
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