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  1. @Hawkeye Thank you for the thoughtful replies. It is easy to think of future wishes and add ons but at the same time forget about how it would effect everything else. I love the Seq4+, very little I would change! And the fact that I can get into the ode and try things myself is pretty amazing. That alone is a "feature" that very few seq's can boast. @flyweightIf I was looking for more humanized recordings I'd use the longer tracks with higher divisions OR the humanizer feature! Also, you can specify your own shuffle parameters, you may find something that gives you YOUR feel.. i
  2. Hey Michael, here's my notes on the ALL button functionality. I have three uses on my "cheat sheet" that I grabbed from the seq 4 beginners guide. . CHNG ALL JUMP: ALL&hold -Turn the cursor step knob. All steps will JUMP to the value of the cursor step. CHNG ALL RELATIVE: ALL press & release -Turn the cursor step knob. All steps will change but relative to their original value. RAMP BTWN: ALL press & release -Turn a non-cursor step knob. Steps btwn. the turned knob and the cursor position will align values in a smooth(er) RAMP. Not sure about
  3. @Elektruck, looks like there is somewhere a v4.097 OS that gives deeper divisions for clock out (CV page)!! https://github.com/midibox/mios32/blob/master/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/CHANGELOG.txt ~Steve
  4. It seems that the quantize percentage is used to decide wether to put the note-on into the step it was received or the next step. I’m guessing based on how far it is from either. The question (solution?) is, (for the coders) why can’t the note-on be put where it falls based on step number plus added “delay parameter” ticks. not that I would use unquantized recording much! But seems possible, and may be desirable for users.. -Steve
  5. @flyweight I just tried some non quantized recording now. (Nope..) I set the track divider relatively slow so it would be easier to notice if the notes were falling on or off the beat perfectly. (Longer steps, more room for the notes to be off the grid) It definitely seems like unquantized recording is not possible. I tried again after setting a parameter layer to delay which allows one to manually shift notes forward in 96th step increments. But recording, even with quantize set to zero does not actually put the notes on the exact spot they come in. They either land in the be
  6. Really nice work. I love the custom buttons and angled enclosure. You’re gonna love the combination along with your modular.... Can’t help you with the particular midi pass-through issue you were having.
  7. I’m thinking that if LoopA can do it then seq4 can too.. Aren’t they based on the same core code? mot sure of the unquantized (less quantized I guess) recording options but I’ll give t a try tonight. Steve
  8. Options for slower, always better, opens up options for all sorts of things, especially when using analog triggers...
  9. 403 views!! Anyone have any reasoning for this or possibly a bug fix? Might be as easy to disable Ctrl in layB...? ~Steve
  10. Has anyone thought to implement a drum trigger grid indication on the TPD? It is a natural fit with its 8 x 16 LED display . I know you can hold the instrument mode button down and see all the different tracks triggering but to have a visual grid might be really nice. My first drum machine was TR707 and the grid view lcd was nice!!! ~steve
  11. 4+ UI question when I enter mute mode, it is not easy to get back to track edit mode. it requires me to press either param or trigger or step to get back out of mute mode.. then I can press track to get back to basic track edit mode. I would expect to just be able to press track again, and go back to track editing. am I missing something? thanks! ~steve
  12. Well, mental note -if you need Ctrl track, use LayerA. I’m sure this’ll get explained and or fixed. Maybe have something to do with the process of reading ahead in a track to set parameters of things which sounds like something “Ctrl” May need to do.. Steve
  13. Roy, I get the same thing, whenever a drum track with two layers (layA and layB) has layB set to Ctrl, and I jump back to Edit mode, the question marks appear. Im not even sure what Ctrl is supposed to do..? But yes, it keeps anything from being set into the pattern. If layA is set to Ctrl, the question marks do not appear. Another interesting thing is that if you see all the questionmarks in edit mode and then go back to Menu,Evnt, the track is shown as a basic Note 16/64/8 type, even though it was initialized as a drum track earlier. -Steve
  14. Done!!!! Cant wait to get this set into my rig! Amazing job by Hawkeye, Latigid, and of course TK! Thank so much for making this beast available, it is truly an AWESOME piece of sequencing hardware!! ~Steve
  15. aaah, right.. I forgot about Db25 connectors and their screw locking. Its been a while since I've used one!.. Cheers!
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