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  1. Record CC??

    Thanks! I will take a look at that tomorrow! Christoffer
  2. Record CC??

    Hi there! Just rebuild my SID V1 to V2.. 8) Just wondering: where are the CC function? I can be wrong, but couldn´t you record the midi data on V1 when you turn the CUT knob when CC button is pressed down?? Or is it another way to do that on V2? Thanks Christoffer
  3. Core V2 rebuild to Sid V2

    Done!! Works great! Thanks! Next thing is to remake the matrix, the old one working bad.. The button i used for that is taken from and old code/cardreader lock... Christoffer
  4. Core V2 rebuild to Sid V2

    Hi there! Been away for long time now... And I decide to rebuild my Sid v1.7303 to the new v2. And keep my old core V2, just for now... (I got the Pcb from Wilba but i haven´t got the time to rebuild my sid) And I have some questions, (it´s like start all over again). When I look at the new core V3 the PWM on J10 is connected to Pin #17 of PIC, do I need that? And when I look att my other core V2 (slave) I didn´t connect SC on J4 to Pin #28, why???  :o I think I left that for a reason....Hmmm On the slave cores do i need the R12 1k on J4? And another thing...on my master core i didn´t wire the J7:SO/PIC to the SID CLK pin. The SID running on the 1 MHz oscillator instead..Can I keep it like that? I just want do do this the easy way.... ;) Haven´t got so much time with 2 small children..... Like I said, been away for a loooong time.. Thanks Christoffer
  5. lcd for the SID V2

    hi there. Do you guys think this display will work without any problems??: go down to download the short spec or the full spec.. That one is cheap for being sold here in sweden. christoffer
  6. The CAN-Bus..

    Hi there. Long time since I wrote here.... I´m now planing the upgrade to SID V2. I´m little confused about the CAN-Bus. What kind of cabel from the J2(Vd) shall I use??? I think I`m confused becuse TK draw the cabel larger than the other.. ??? ::) (in the pdf). What I can see the CAN RX and the CAN TX going to the same cabel?? or I´m missing something?? Best/ Christoffer
  7. Några grundläggande frågor

    Den kommer ändå bara att fungera som en teckenbaserad display? Det vet jag inte.. Har själv en 2x20 vanlig display.....
  8. Några grundläggande frågor

    Hej! Tror att du kan få problem med displayen... Kolla faq.för siden... MVH Christoffer
  9. Power supply question (again sorry)

    ??? :-[ Do I put the fuse on the primary 12V before the rectifier?? Christoffer
  10. Fundering över LEDs på SIDboxen.

    Verkar vara kortis någonstans på knappen eller så kolla kortslutningar på lödningarna på DIN ingången. Du ska trycka på knappen filter så tänds lysdioderna upp i ordning... Christoffer
  11. The forum game

  12. The FM PSU....

    Anyone?? :-[ Christoffer
  13. The FM PSU....

    Hi there! Now planning the FM building... ;D Looking at the pictures of TK´s great MBFM and saw the PSU... Question 1:Where do I put the fuses didn´t see those on the "mbhp opl3 psu.pdf" are those necessery?? Question 2: I also want the 5V psu on the same board(like TK) and I found one 220VAC-6V 633mA are that enough? Found 2x12V 159mA In not planning the AOUT. Thanks Christoffer
  14. Server Test

    200-250 kb/sec in Sweden...  ;D Christoffer
  15. MBFM PSU?

    Planning the FM..... ;D Can I use the C64 PSU for the FM too??? Christoffer